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Now that’s how you hit on a lady

2022.01.21 05:45 shinney Now that’s how you hit on a lady

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2022.01.21 05:45 Rubiestar Christmas came early! (Niffler Bonus)

When I joined the game at the start of January I was disappointed that my Niffler bonus stopped after two days. I contacted support but two weeks later and it still wasn't restored, so I gave up on ever getting it back.
Yesterday I contacted support for a different issue using both e-mail and Facebook (that was the key) and I brought up the Niffler bonus issue and I received an e-mail minutes ago, telling me that 1250 coins, 25 gems and 150 energy was added to my game!
Those are the final rewards. I couldn't find any recorded instance of the final rewards on this subreddit, so let this post be the one to do that!
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2022.01.21 05:45 amandademone Dallas

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2022.01.21 05:45 thejacobk Rajput Reich: 250 years to fix the flag

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2022.01.21 05:45 Greygor RIP Meatloaf

Meat Loaf, the singer whose Bat Out Of Hell album is one of the best-selling of all time, has died at the age of 74.
The news was confirmed on the star's Facebook page by his family.
"Our hearts are broken to announce that the incomparable Meat Loaf passed away tonight with his wife Deborah by his side," a message read.
The Bat Out of Hell star sold 100 million albums worldwide and appeared in movies like Fight Club, Focus, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Wayne's World.
"Daughters Pearl and Amanda and close friends have been with him throughout the last 24 hours," his family continued.
"We know how much he meant to so many of you and we truly appreciate all of the love and support as we move through this time of grief in losing such an inspiring artist and beautiful man," his family added.
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2022.01.21 05:45 Pumpkin_Dry the top plate stl!

anyone have the STL file for the top plate of the MB case? i want to just fuse the fan shroud to it so it isn't a separate peace. =P
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2022.01.21 05:45 Sri_Man_420 31 kgs narcotics recovered along LoC In Poonch: Army

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2022.01.21 05:45 pikachs ASMR - Brother has a Youtube Idea(roleplay)(M4A)(M4M)boy, girl female, male x Listener

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2022.01.21 05:45 JustWinning733 Which suit is the worst out of these 4?

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2022.01.21 05:45 Alarmed-Glove-7377 Has anyone here ever been a high school drop out and your life got ruined because of it?....

I cowardly left at 15. My mental ilness spiralled out of control ever since.Has anyone here ever been a high school drop out and your life got ruined because of it?....
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2022.01.21 05:45 NinjaDoge250 Is it ok to uninstall Integrated Graphics Drivers?

Issues im having: 1. Screen goes into one color but everything still runs in the background 2. Radeon Software won't open 3. Minecraft crashes bc of something with the graphics drivers 4. AMD Bug Report Tool opens up
Im thinking of doing a fresh install of my drivers but im not sure what would happen, and if i should use the amd tool or DDU. A step by step guide would be extremely helpful as well thanks.
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2022.01.21 05:45 mave_wreck Why We Can't Let NFTs And The Metaverse Become The New Domain Names

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2022.01.21 05:45 Legitimate_Square_62 Am I?

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2022.01.21 05:45 Anony_mouse202 London violence: Children as young as 10 fear being stabbed

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2022.01.21 05:45 Pizza__Bitch How much for ALL my past content?

(I'm only selling to my trustworthy regulars!) I'm doing the calculations much as it's justified, it just seems absurd. I'm wondering if you were in my position, how much would you charge for all of your content from the past year if it was as follows?: 50 videos: 45 shorts/teasers (under 1 min), 5 mid length (under 10 min) 180 photos: 80 nude, 100 lewd
Thanks! :)
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2022.01.21 05:45 hoatmeal13 Dreams, self, 2022

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2022.01.21 05:45 TransitionNo632 People in produce, do customers constantly ask you where the grapes are too?

I get atleast 2-3 questions a day asking where the grapes are and altogether we get asked about 10 times a day. The grape case is literally the first thing you see when you walk in the door. Have these people never shopped in this Walmart before? Half the time I know they walked past it to ask us. Is this a problem in other stores too?
Also same thing with bananas. How do you miss the giant yellow pyramid of them.
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2022.01.21 05:45 Blue_Cube_47 So i made a remix of Dawko shouting William Afton and.....

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2022.01.21 05:45 liu-psypher [LF]2.0 DIYs, Recycle Box Items and Mom's Clothing; [FT]Floral and Cooking DIYs

LOOKING FOR: 2.0 DIYs: cherry blossom rug, fox tail, glowing moss balloon, golden ladder setup kit, project table, wooden music box
Items: sloppy table, nearly busted radio, recycled paper bundle, tangled cords, baggy shirt (black, brown), dirty tank top (white, black, olive, light brown), ripped doctors coat (red, purple), mom's kitchen mats (reliable, cool), mom's knapsack (forest, polka dot, M, cherries), mom's sweater (M, animal, star), mom's apron (fruits, M, animals, forest)
Cooking: apple jam, apple smoothie, baked potatoes, carrot-tops curry, carrot scones, cherry tart, coconut oil, gnocchi di carote, fish and chips, mushroom crepe, orange tart, orange smoothie, peach smoothie, peach pie, pear tart, pickled veggies, potato potage, pound cake, pull apart bread, pumpkin curry, pumpkin pound cake, spaghetti napolitan, tomato bagel sandwich, tomato juice
Floral: blue rose wreath, chic cosmos wreath, cool hyacinth wreath, cool pansy wreath, cosmos shower, cute rose crown, dark tulip crown, fancy mum wreath, hyacinth lamp, hyacinth wreath, mum cushion, natural mum wreath, pansy crown, pansy table, pansy wreath, purple pansy crown, rose bed, rose crown, simple mum crown, snazzy pansy wreath, tulip crown, tulip wreath, windflower fan
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2022.01.21 05:45 sambro_fc just completed sarr milestone is it worth getting the SS mendy over his gold

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2022.01.21 05:45 Wei-Totoro precision door accessories metal parts components custom service China manufacturer wholesale

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2022.01.21 05:45 Square_Shop_781 Relax

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2022.01.21 05:45 jack10293 Living in Reno

Hello I will be moving to Reno for roughly 3 months for a contracted work position. I’m looking for any advice on which parts of the city are the safest/ best living conditions. I’m working at renown regional and plan to spend a lot of time skiing in Tahoe so those are what will play a factor in choosing. Thank you!
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2022.01.21 05:45 EpicKingJamesz What do you think of the Park Ranger profession?

Currently in experimental, the park ranger is the most expensive profession to choose from. I was really surprised at how underpowered (or unspecialized) he was compared to the 8 point classes. Despite that, it's quickly becoming my favorite class because you get everything you could want earlygame without becoming overpowered, leaving plenty of room for progression and goals.
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2022.01.21 05:45 seashoretaylor I felt confident going into admissions but since joining this subreddit I have now become nervous

I thought I would get in but now I don’t think I have a chance. What percentage of applicants are admitted each year? 5%?
submitted by seashoretaylor to gradadmissions [link] [comments]