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I have a big problem with Reddit.

2022.01.21 04:16 umbrug I have a big problem with Reddit.

As someone who has had countless Reddit accounts over the years, I wish people would just tell me why my post is bad instead of downvoting. I know voting on posts is a big feature of the site, but still. On every other site I get ignored or told STFU but on Reddit all I get is a passive aggressive anonymous downvote.
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2022.01.21 04:16 AaknoXX GU RITUAL 💀

So, let's say ur Removal boost ur physicals like strength, speed, power, etc to x3 ur normal
View Poll
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2022.01.21 04:16 HungryBrain1 Good men are brave.

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2022.01.21 04:16 kingmayakacques I can't stop watching this

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2022.01.21 04:16 FishOfHonor How do you survive longer in Saga Mode?

I've been playing for 10 hours and I've died 4 times in Saga Mode. When Eternal night or winter I don't know how its called its game over for me. I've upgraded my npc, archer towers and gates to max lvl. I've crafted with luck legendary weapon and epic armor pieces and I've managed to get to day 18 maximum. Whats your advice on surviving longer?
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2022.01.21 04:16 Whereas_Dull An ever evolving project of mystical creatures check it out

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2022.01.21 04:16 LowDownSlim Mississippi Fred McDowell

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2022.01.21 04:16 Cultural-Sock83 I’m Julia Quinn, author of FIRST COMES SCANDAL, and my series, The Bridgertons, are currently being made into a Netflix series by Shonda Rhimes (!!!), AMA

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2022.01.21 04:16 incubus33 reaver vandal valorant

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2022.01.21 04:16 Pizzah3ad Rainy City Night Ambience | White Noise for Study & Sleep 🌧

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2022.01.21 04:16 Pinm8 Sometimes all you gotta do is get on the beers

That’s the story of my life here in Australia
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2022.01.21 04:16 H4ZRDRS I am so sick of Ky

I hate his stupid fast moves and his stupid range and his stupid dp and his stupid super that goes full screen and always wall breaks and his stupid unpunishable offense and his stupid mobility that goes around every attack, and I am so fucking sick of that bullshit projectile that gives him free pressure and makes him a better zoner than any other character in the game
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2022.01.21 04:16 Asgardian9 EGC claimed reflections price

Hi to all. I have a general question i was hoping someone out there could clarify for me.
I'm assuming that when we claim our egc reflections we are getting them at the current market price.
If yes, then would it not be better to claim them when egc is down in value so as to add more value to the tokens when they rise in price. A lower entry point.
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2022.01.21 04:16 hiddengirl22 23F - looking for a lesbian penpal

Hello ! I’m a 23 biracial Canadian lesbian looking to make a raw connection with someone close to my age who’s also a lesbian :-)
I love books, nature, sketching, watching movies/tv shows, and astrology (I’m a Libra). I’d love to find someone with similar interests and be able to send each other books, show or movie recommendations etc.
I don’t want to give too much of my info out on here but if anyone is interested then PM me and I’ll tell you more about myself <3
Bonus points if you’re a femme lol
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2022.01.21 04:15 Dumplati Should be set for my leagues gold.

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2022.01.21 04:15 Artistic-Estimate-23 Little to no effort and it will still probably catch some people, truly disgusting. Anyone else get similar?

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2022.01.21 04:15 Osgoood_ SPCE is coming back from the moon

Hey fellow retards, I was just wondering if anyone knew why the Virgin Galactic stock (SPCE) is falling so radically? Is it sucked into a black hole or something? Because I can’t see why their business model wouldn’t be future proof. Any advice? I bought in at about 20$ and it’s now down to 9$ …
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2022.01.21 04:15 Willing-Clock-8884 Fatima Segovia 30

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2022.01.21 04:15 DrDougDog I used a 4000w king led for my first couple harvest. It did the job definitely did not have the type of penetration I was looking for but I knew what I was getting for the price. Now I’m looking to upgrade my setup a bit but I don’t know too much about the mid range of led lights. Any suggestions?

I used a 4000w king led for my first couple harvest. It did the job definitely did not have the type of penetration I was looking for but I knew what I was getting for the price. Now I’m looking to upgrade my setup a bit but I don’t know too much about the mid range of led lights. Any suggestions? submitted by DrDougDog to CannabisGrowers [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 04:15 elevate_1749 Devil worshiping at a federally owned abandoned building during 2020-2021 protests

Hello venting,

TLDR; at end.
During 2020-2021 I experienced the most bizarre and unexplained events at an abandoned building during the years of our initial COVID lock-down and global civil unrest due to the death of George Floyd and others. To this day I still do not have answers and uncertain if more will occur one day.
In May 2020, my city is known globally for certain events that occur here. I would not like to give the name, but the city was of national interest in 2020-2021 because of a person who died here. Their name was side by side with Floyd's.
The building is a locally infamous spot where you have a perfect view of the entire city. It is the size of a large office building. It was built in the late 1800's and stands as one of the oldest unrenovated estates in the city.
I first began going to this abandoned building because I was new to being on my own and wanted to see what was going on in the everyday riots, but was inexperienced. I found that no one thought to cause trouble in an abandoned building and it was safer to be there and watch the city than to be in the street chaos.
Also at that time in my life I joined a Pentecostal church which taught me methods of prayer that borderlined mind altering practices.
When I would go to the building I would pray about various political and religious ideas combined with the churches practices. I learned that if I did these things in a scary, adrenaline filled environment it made the euphoric results of the prayer stronger and more addicting. It is like hijacking adrenaline and your unconscious.
I would go to the movement, talk with many people, then go back to the building and pray out load about what I was experiencing and what I saw going on in the city and country. I spent anywhere from 4-6 hours there every visit.
From July 2020-Aug 2021 the most intense life changing events of my life occurred at that one property. I will best summarize a years worth of events:
July 2020-September 2020
All activity began after the building's purchase, never saw anyone or any of these events post July 2020.
One day someone deeply involved in the movement is killed with hundreds of people and police around. I was there that day and witnessed things that changed me forever. The city and the family of the victim put up a memorial where the person died in the central city park, except the main pictures on their memorial was of the abandoned building I prayed. I prayed there almost daily and always after every political event or protest occurring.
I questioned everyone around in the park if they knew what this person had to do with my building and no one knew a thing. When I went to the building right after there were protesters there causing a disturbance and gratifying BLM, "Fuck the corporate world!", and etc.
Lots of groups of young adults show up right when I step on property or right as I'm leaving. Most of them are middle class or upper middle class, young adults, very energetic and interested in me. In the beginning they tried to scare me away, but it never worked.
Protester tells me the building was purchased by the feds and that's why it was linked with BLM's park. Several protesters tell me about how the park and several surrounding buildings were recently purchased by the FBI.

October 2020
4 young adults show up at the same time and claim to have never been at the property but are telling me new security cameras were just installed. They all claim they do not know each other but all are there to explore the building in broad daylight and know there are cameras.
One tells me "This building has been abandoned for 40 years and no one has cared about it. Something extraordinary must have happened here for them to install cameras. The cameras where installed for a higher purpose, a bigger purpose than to see who's getting inside. It's a mystery that you have to solve. It's a mystery we all have to solve. And if we go on property, they won't call the cops on us." They all proceed to go on the property and show me where the cameras are. Nothing happened, no police for the entire year.

November 2020
I put my phone number on a poster and put it in front of the cameras and ask them to call me. I wanted to discuss all the odd activity occurring and what this place had to do with BLM's park. The owners never contacted me but got a local architect to be the middle man. The architect calls me and we talk. I ask for permission to go to the building, he says he's not the owner and he will have to pass the information to them, but more or less is okay with it. Offers to give me specific times to go there, but we never ended up agreeing officially on anything. Adds me on Facebook. We communicate for almost the entire year.

December 2020
I meet people at the building and outside of the property who know my work profession, my interests, and etc. No idea who these people are, never meet them unless there's local gossip.
A camp is set up across the street of the building to which the campers spy on the building. I infiltrate the camp and find out one of their leaders knows my name, age, interests, work profession, religious background, and things I can't even remember. Claims we meet before but I've never seen him in my life. He is apparently homeless. The campers tell me that there are devil worshipers at the building, but I don't believe them.
A guy meets me at a pet store near my house who tells me "If a federal agent meets you they're not going to be in a suit and tie. Sometimes they wear jeans and a button up shirt." and proceeds to tell me many things about the government. We had no conversations about anything and that's the first thing he says to me. He later says the same thing about the building, that there are devil worshipers there and also that the cameras are there to watch me and them. Also knew many other things about me unrelated to this topic. Was a photographer of the city's political events in 2020, has a profession in journalism. Meet many celebrities and has some credentials if you google his name.
The campers and the weird government guy both say there's devil worshipers at the building but I don't believe either of them because I've been there for hours multiple days a week and never seen them.
One day I find evidence then begin to believe them.

January 2021
The owners of the building decide to break open a huge wall where the stairs are in perfect view of the cameras and proceed to watch all the odd activity occur. They leave the fence wide open also. Lots of kids go to the property in groups of 5-25 people at a time. People steal the signs, graffiti, party, build a literal DYI skate park on the property, etc.
I miss the January 6th 2021 capital riot because I decided to pray at the building for 3 hours before departing for DC at night. I ended up being there on January 7th.

February 2021 - May 2021
More kids interrogating me, me fighting them over and over. Many instances of the weird blonde hair blue eyes frat boys who all talk and move in unison, who also stand in circles and stare while smiling for long periods of time. (I'm guessing they're the devil worshipers?)
Arguing with the architect because he's playing middle man for the owners. He told me over the phone that the "people going to the building are ages 15-25 and they're not locals and not from the city." I'm mad at him because he seems to know things but won't tell me.

June 2021 - July 2021
Tons of activity. Me yelling at the cameras over and over, tons of drama. The political activity in the city subsides as the verdict of Floyd's killers is over.
August 2021 - September 2021
The cameras are removed and one is disabled and the architect claims the cameras were stolen, but one of them is so high up you need a ladder to reach it. It's unplugged, no way to do that but with a ladder. Claims some local kids did it. Puts up a fake for sale sign that the number on the sign claims they have nothing to do with the building.
A smaller building on the property is arsoned days after the cameras are disabled. Architect says he cant tell me who the owners are because "I swore my secrecy to the building so I can't tell you who owns it or what it will become." Says he doesn't think I did the arson, will support me.
Tells new security team I'm not a bother to be on property and security lets me go to the building. Later new cameras are installed and new security is hired and they fire the old security when they let me on property. Architect now claims he's the owner and he never told the security I could go there. Claims he bought the building for 1 million but he's not a millionaire. Makes up many lies to prevent me from going back. Lies to police about many things, lies to me about a lot, where I have proof against his word on hand.
Shuts down if I confront his lies, prevents me from going back to the building at all costs. Never meet the real owners, and most of the activity stops.

September 2021 - January 2022
I've snuck on property many times and have been continuing to interview people about what has occurred there. Got more puzzling information but still have many unanswered questions. I continue to do my political/religious prayers in other places, one of which was just arsoned several days ago. Don't know who's doing it or if any of it is related.
Local big BLM activist says all the activity stopped because the city and country returned to normalcy with no more lock-downs and civil unrest.
No renovations have occurred on property since it's purchase in June 2021.

I've left out tons of details, but this is good enough.
Don't know if I'll ever know the full truth, uncover the "mystery" as I was told last October. Will continue to do my practices no matter what even if it's not there. I loved that place not just because of the history behind the building, not just because of who ever is running it, but because I expressed my truest self there.
What will come, if anything? Will anything happen if we lock-down again? Will I ever meet the real owners? Do they know how to do the prayers like myself? I don't know, but I hope one day I will.

Thanks for reading,

TLDR; Abandoned building purchased during nationally imporant riots. Claims of the owners being the FBI. Architect is in on it, devil worshipers who all look and act the same create lots of drama there. Don't know how/if any of it relates to me.
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2022.01.21 04:15 TransGirlOxy Just witching a bit 🕸️🖤🕷️

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2022.01.21 04:15 DarthJager_ What’s Your Daily Routine?

Curious to what everybody’s preferred daily routine is when playing the game! Which tasks do you do first? What do you prioritize? What is your usual goal?
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2022.01.21 04:15 random_indian_dude A brief history of cabaret dance in Kerala - article from 1985

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2022.01.21 04:15 botwgoty45 Any ideas

Stuck in Uber Tristram. Surrounded by pit lords that kill me on the loading screen while Diablo is less than 1 percent hp. Is there any way for me to get out of this?
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2022.01.21 04:15 Pueblitanews Ya hay fechas para el regreso a clases presenciales en la BUAP

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