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New short story, any constructive criticism?

Constructive trusts in English law are a form of trust created by the English law courts primarily where the defendant has dealt with property in an "unconscionable manner"—but also in other circumstances. The property is held in "constructive trust" for the harmed party, obliging the defendant to look after it. The main factors that lead to a constructive trust are unconscionable dealings ... Aesthetic criticism. Aesthetic criticism is a part of aesthetics concerned with critically judging beauty and ugliness, tastefulness and tastelessness, style and fashion, meaning and quality of design—and issues of human sentiment and affect (the evoking of pleasure and pain, likes and dislikes). Most parts of human life have an aesthetic dimension, which means there is plenty potential for ... “Trey Lance spoke today and his account of Fred Warner's advice for him is fairly juicy. Lance described Warner "shouting across the line of scrimmage" with his constructive criticism, which has come multiple times. "Sometimes maybe more heated than others," Lance said. #49ers” Here's how wildfires get started—and how to stop them Here's how wildfires get started—and how to stop them California's 7.1 earthquake–and how earthquakes work California's 7.1 earthquake ... Constructive feedback about decreased productivity. If an employee’s performance has dropped, there could be any number of reasons — from personal life changes to disengagement. The underlying cause will change the conversation, so address the topic generally. ... Schedule a short conversation to allow us to understand your needs and how ... Updated: January 17, 2020. A constructive dismissal in Ontario is defined as follows: if an employer makes a substantial change to the terms of an employee’s employment without the employee’s consent or demonstrates an intention to no longer be bound by the terms of the employment contract the employee has the option of treating his or her employment as having been terminated. Brief Trauma Questionnaire . The BTQ is a brief self-report questionnaire that is derived from the Brief Trauma Interview (Schnurr et al., 1995).

2022.01.21 04:45 Kwest92 New short story, any constructive criticism?

I just wrote this. It’s a little spicy(okay a lot spicy) but I’d like some feedback! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and wrote anything, so anything to help would be nice! It’s a paranormal erotica story, content warning. Happy reading!
She watched him from afar, letting the sexual energy emanate off her effortlessly. She could see he was visibly frustrated, not able to pin down why, after all the years of celibacy, his body was betraying him in the ways it was. He clutched the crucifix that hung low on his chest and continued preaching. She smiled up at him occasionally, her eyes glinting with curiosity. She was dressed much more modestly than she would normally, but for the task at hand it was necessary. The man stood at the pulpit, a formidable man, taller than most humans. His milk chocolate skin glimmered when the sun hit it the right way. His fingers were still nervously stroking his crucifix, as if asking his god to absolve him of the lust she was projecting at him. She had been watching him for weeks now, dutifully coming to every sermon. She introduced herself as Lily, a common girl with tumbling auburn hair that framed her face perfectly. Her eyes tracked him as he walked along the length of the stage. He was scanning the crowd in front of him trying to spot anything out of the ordinary. If there was anything, it was her. She had planted herself in this town slowly, a town of fairly common people doing very common things. But the untouchableness of this man had intrigued her. Her assignment here was simple, seduce the unseducable. She had heard words about this man a long time before she actually introduced herself to him. He locked his eyes on hers and she smiled in response, her hand rushing up to her neckline. His face flushed, and he hurried back over to the pulpit. She was tuning out his words on purpose, focusing on leveling her charms on him. Granted, it was hard to do dressed as she was. The dress she wore covered every inch of skin that she would normally use to her advantage. Slowly, she traced the neckline of her dress while holding eye contact with him. She could see the heat blooming from his collar and creeping up his face. His chocolate brown eyes were flooded with lust and his hand abruptly dropped from the crucifix and he steadied himself with the pulpit, grasping on to it as if it held his life in its hands. “That’s all for today, everyone. Have a nice day and God Bless,” he said with a shaky voice. He stood on shaky legs, hiding his body behind the solid part of the pulpit. She supposed the frock he wore was doing a well enough job of hiding his burgeoning excitement, though it was a stretch. She caught a glimpse before he hid. Lily waited patiently in her seat while the rest of the parishioners exited the church. She took the time to soak up her surroundings, not giving the Father any attention as she did so. Much of human history and fables would say she should be burning alive sitting in this place, as a creature of Hell. Silly humans, though. They had no idea how many more of her kind were around. The church, although morally reprehensible to her, was actually one of the few architectural gems of humankind. The inside was adorned lavishly, which honestly shocked her because of the Church’s view of indulgence. The stained glass mural of the crucifixion was behind the Father, who was still standing firmly behind his shield, was a testament to how much the humans loved to relive the torture of who they considered their savior. And they said her kind were macabre. When the last of the parishioners had exited, Lily stood from her seat, letting the dress she was wearing tumble over her legs to cover any sinful skin she had left showing. As she stood, she met the kind Father’s eyes and saw them light up with desire. The look quickly faded into one of confusion as a small smile played across her cherry colored lips. She walked toward him slowly, not wanting to spook the man. His arousal was innocent, that of an untouched man. Her body ached for him, for the release that her kind fed off. The release of a virginal man. She wanted to mark his soul with the essence of her. She let her hair tumble down her shoulders as she walked, cascading and shimmering red as the light hit it. He watched her with fascination, clearly not knowing it was her causing all the feelings to rise in him that had been long dormant. When she reached him, his body steeled. He was clearly nervous that she would notice his…predicament. “How are you, Father Luke?” She said, her tone light. She smiled and let the innocence of her question play into her eyes. She wasn’t the evil seductress right now, she was his polite parishioner. “Well, Lady Lily. Did you enjoy the sermon today?” He kept his body angled away from her, not wanting her to see him in his indecent state. The little bits of his sermon that she had listened to, had been apt. He was talking about the sin of lust, the sin she embodied. He had spoke about it in fervor, even as his own body reacted to her in ways he couldn’t control. She could see the beads of sweat adorning his sweet, sweet forehead. “I thought it was great, but are you hearing confession today? I’m afraid I have fallen victim to this thing, this sin, that you speak of.” Lasciviousness coated her features now. She couldn’t help herself. Seeing the little Father squirm did things to her, low in her body. His eyes bulged with her boldness, the heat that had retreated from his neck sprung back up with surprising speed. His knuckles were white from his grip on his pulpit. Innocence washed over her features, she let a blush creep into her face, embarrassment even. “I’m sorry Father. It’s been hard for me to control these…urges, I’ve been getting. I don’t understand it. Do you think one of these? What did you call them? Succubus? Things really exist?” Father Luke blanched. “Miss Lily, I cannot speak of such things with a woman of your stature.” Lily shifted her eyes down and fidgeted, “But Father, I figured you’d be the safest person to talk to. I feel like there’s a demon influencing me, can you help?” The pulpit that he still clung to looked dangerously close to collapsing even though it was built of solid wood. A twinge of satisfaction rushed through Lily. He had noticeably taken a step back, as if his former closeness was no longer comfortable. Lily sighed and let her energy wrap around him. She reached her hand out and placed it tenderly on his, a silent plea that she hoped would open his mind to her. As soon as she touched him, his eyes drowned in lust. He couldn’t hide it on his face anymore and his fingers curled under hers. She could sense in his mind that he was warring with himself. Did he want to rip her clothes off right here? Or risk exposing his indecency and walk away from her? She let her magic prod deeper into him, and his breath caught, She smiled innocently as she let her magic wash over his body. She ached to see him on top of her, but feeding from his unbridled lust was fueling her power, and she was channeling it straight back at him. “Are you okay, Father? You look unwell.” The sweat that was previously beaded at his forehead was now openly pouring down his face. He couldn’t hide the pleasure that she was sweeping through his body, unbeknownst to him. She curled her fingers around his hand in mock concern. He did look like he was going to fall over at any moment. He dipped his head low and avoided her gaze. His knees buckled at the weight of her mind seduction. She let her thumb lightly stroke his hand. If he hadn’t had on the frock, she could have seen the hairs on his arms stand up. He balled his hand up in a tight fist under hers. She let her magic tingle down his body, tracing a slow line down, pausing just shy of where she could tell he wanted it the most. His breathing picked up. “Should I get some help, Father?” He looked up at her, eyes wide, feral. He was still clueless, but he had lost all sense of his body, his excitement clearly visible to her. He had shed all sense of self preservation at that moment. His breath was coming in short gasps as she mind fucked him, letting images of him tangled in bed with a woman run through his brain. Images of a woman with blood red nails rake down his back as she screamed his name in ecstasy…. He closed his eyes as the pleasure washed over him, not climax yet, but hearing his name screamed that way, it brought out something latent in him that he didn’t know existed. This primal urge to rip clothes off. He was wordless, he looked up at her, the lust draining from his eyes, and a sense of exasperation running through him. She looked at him in mock terror. “Father Luke!” she said, clasping his clenched fist once more, as if trying to knock him out of his trance, even though she was doing the exact opposite. She released his hand when he didn’t respond, yet again, and brought both of her hands to his face. She cupped his face gently between her hands, letting her fingers brush his soft skin, and brought his face up so he was at eye level. He looked at her, lust taking over his expression once again as she released her magic lower down his body, letting it brush his thighs, denying him what he so clearly wanted. If only she could do this for real, take the smooth, hard length of him into her. He staggered into the pulpit, which was proving to be more flimsy than useful. His arms windmilled as he reached for something to grab to break his fall, landing squarely on her hips. She released him in a hurry and braced herself so he wouldn’t fall. She wouldn’t let him; her preternatural strength wouldn’t allow it. A moan tore out of him as she continued her trek across his body through his mind. Lust filled horror coated his face. He kept the indecent parts of him angled away from her, but he clung to her for dear life, his chest pressed up against hers as she tried to steady him. Lily teased him for a second longer before she gave in to what his body was craving, the magic of her touched the most intimate parts of him and he collapsed against her with an agonized, pleasure filled moan. There was no way for him to hide himself now, she felt the hard length of him pressed against her leg as she lowered them both to the ground. He let her, his body jelly against hers. She trailed her fingers down the side of his face . “Father, what’s wrong?” She feigned innocence. After all, she was the daughter of a nobleman, never before exposed to anything like this. He lifted his arm up weakly, as if trying to push himself away from her, but to his horror, he reached down to the most indecent part of himself and cupped it. She felt the pleasure radiate through his body, she sensed it was new to him, that he had never touched himself in this way before. “Demon,” He muttered softly, through the pleasure radiating through his body. He needed to fight it, but he couldn’t. And this poor girl who encircled him in her arms, she felt it too. She was seeing him like this, in a way he had never seen himself before, and yet she stayed. The silent horror was plain on her features as well, as if she had no idea what was happening to him. The wildly inappropriate thoughts flowing through his head in his safe space. In his CHURCH. She was stroking his cheek lightly, as if trying to ward off whatever was happening to him. Her wide chestnut brown eyes looked at him softly, the cherry red of her lips turned into a look of concern. The pleasure was coming to a crescendo over and over, feeling like he was going to go over the top and then it would stop and start again. A moan tore out of his throat again, one of unbridled passion as he heard his name being screamed by a faceless woman riding him in his head. He was fighting it with every ounce of his being, but the pleasure flowing through him was impossible to ignore. His hand was stroking his cock, which stood at painful attention, fervently through his frock. It was through no machination of his own, but it felt so good that he never wanted to stop. His mind had become a reckless abandon and he just wanted sweet release, but not in the arms of the poor girl he was laying on top of. He had never felt an orgasm before, never touched himself in this way. His whole body clenched as a wave of pleasure rode through his body, causing his back to arch and his hips to thrust forward. He wanted the frock off. He let his gaze go down from the girl, and it locked on his crucifix. Shame mixed in with the pleasure. “Demon, girl, go!” He pleaded with her. She couldn’t fall under the spell too, she had come to ask about it, she had already felt it. “There’s a demon.” Pleasure oozed out of every syllable that came out of his mouth. The magic of the demon was snaked around his cock, and fighting with it was proving futile. The magic was so warm, so strong, but where was it coming from? At some point, he had lifted the frock and his hand was fumbling with his pants. Jesus, God above, please help me, he prayed silently. He heard a burst of laughter in his mind and the wave of pleasure that followed it threatened to break him. Deep in his heart, he knew he wanted the seductress that was in control of his body to actually take him. He wanted to break his oath to his GOD with this… this….demon. He had unfastened his pants and his cock sprang free. Gods it was so hard he could barely stand it. His hand absently stroked it. Pleasure radiated through him with every touch. Lily, the girl, he could hear her calling to him through the pleasure, but he couldn’t make out what she was saying or respond. Throaty moans continued to barrel out of his throat as responses. He could feel his seed oozing out slowly, coating his hand, warm to the touch, lubricating him as he continued to stroke. The demon magic encapsulated him, and he gave his mind over to it willingly. The girl continued to stroke his cheek in concern. She held on to him as if this affliction was something that she needed to help him through instead of run away from. But could a succubus get her as well? All of a sudden his collar was too tight, it felt like it was choking him. He couldn’t lift his hand away from his cock to loosen it though. Sweat poured from his body, his hand sped up. He didn’t understand why the girl didn’t leave. The magic that coursed through him was not evil, it was teasing. It liked exploring his body and making him feel things that he didn’t think was possible. It was curious. It wanted him to enjoy himself, and he was, to his horror. “Gods, yes,” he said in a breathy exhale as another wave of sheer ecstasy rolled through him. He felt the climax building up, so hot that he thought it was going to tear his body apart. His cock jerked in his hand and he gasped in surprise. “Please,” the plea rolled off his lips and lust dripped from it. He had given his body over. “Take me, please!” The demon magic overwhelmed him, coursed over his body as it came to its final crescendo. He pumped his hand on his cock furiously as the last wave of passion rolled over his body. A scream tore from his lips as the wave of passion crashed over him, spilling his seed over his hand. He was panting, almost breathless, eyes slack with the release. His body shuddered. The need in him burned as the vision of the red nailed woman came back into his head. He saw raven black hair cascade down his back as she kissed his neck, riding his pleasure till the end. Her lips came up to his ear as she whispered his name, the words sounding positively dirty, sensual, right. His release had happened, the magic slowly receded from him, leaving him feeling cold. The warmth of it was gone. Slowly, his surroundings came back into focus, the pleas of the girl in the background. Her fingers trailing over his cheeks, those chestnut brown eyes staring down at him in concern. He still had his cock in his palm. Horror washed over him as he realized she had seen everything. Had seen a demon work magic on him, that she had seen him enjoy it. The girl brushed the beads of sweat from his forehead. She looked at him with concern, but no horror was in her eyes. “Father, are you okay?” She had doe eyes. Why was she not bothered by this? By the sight of him… pleasuring himself to a demon’s magic? “Did the demon get you? Is it real?” she was scared. He heard it in her voice. “Go, get out of here,” He said softly. He couldn’t bring his voice above a whisper. He was coated in shame. He pleasured himself for the first time in front of an innocent noblewoman. She saw him in the throes of ecstasy, the most exquisite thing he had ever felt. He couldn’t bare it. But she didn’t leave. “Get up, Father.” She said. It was a gentle command. He shook his head that was still in her lap in protest. “Father, we have to get out of here.” She said more urgently. “What if it comes back?” He felt the magic tingle in him again, as if it were taunting him. His breath caught. The cursed demon put a vision in his head of the release he just had, how it had made his back bow and his toes curl. He swallowed a moan. The girl was right. The demon was in the church somewhere. His cock was responding to the sudden return of the magic, however slight it was. The succubus magic put a light warmth at his neck, shimmied it down his chest. He suppressed a moan as the demon put images in his head of that raven haired woman trailing kisses down his chest, to his stomach, lower. He shot up off Lily’s lap as the vision had the woman wrap her delicate lips around his girth, her hand gliding down the length. Pleasure rolled through him again, but he fought it. He was crouched down on his knees, the pleasure so intense once again that it felt like pain now, but as he focused on his breathing, the pleasure subsided. Lily walked over to him, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Come on, Father. We need to get you out of here before someone sees you.” He nodded wordlessly, but also didn’t think he could stand up. For one, his cock was still free of his pants. What if the girl saw it? Or had she already seen it? Oh, gods, she had seen him stroke it until it exploded. Filthy demon. She brought her hand to his chin and lifted his face until his gaze met hers. “Get up, Father.” The way she said it, he had to obey her. He stood, frock askew, cock out of his pants in front of the slight woman. Heat washed up his body as he realized she actually had seen his most intimate parts. Worse yet, he knew he had a forbidden attraction to her. “Recover your modesty, Father. Put that away. The demon will come back for you, we have to get you out of here.” He did as he was told. He froze, though. His seed was dried on his hands. How indecent, embarrassment flared through him. She seemed to register this and grabbed him by his other hand and led him out of the Church. He must look an absolute mess. He studied the girl in front of him, as he had done many times before. She was slight, hourglass figure, ample bosom covered by the modest dress she wore. Her auburn hair gleamed around her, stopping and framing her face, cascading around her shoulders and coming to a stop on her bosom. Those chestnut brown eyes mesmerized him, and now this woman was saving him. The demon magic still tingled in the back of his mind, running tendrils of pleasure through him, although this time it didn’t bring him to his knees. When they stopped walking, she had brought him to a humble cottage just outside town.
“There are a change of clothes and washroom for you in the back.” She said softly. “Go clean up.” He did as he was told and returned to her, feeling cleaner, less shameful. The clothes she had given him were as modest as the ones she wore, simple pants and button-down shirt. Something about this cottage seemed off to him, as if it was humming with the demon magic that coursed through his mind. He looked up at the woman that led him from the church and realized that she had changed, too. However, this time she was a vision of lust. She was wearing a dress that hugged the figure that he craved, her bosom spilling over the top. Lust coated her features. “Father, I’m scared,” She said weakly. “I feel it too,” she ran her hand down the curve of her neck, across her chest, and down her stomach. She stalked over to where he sat, and placed her hands firmly on his chest. Need radiated off her as she lowered herself onto his lap. She let the lust bleed into her eyes. “I’m afraid!” She trailed her hand down his chest, he sat like a statue under her. His pulse was racing, the demon magic coursing over both of them now. She slid her hand further down his body, landing in the spot that ached for her touch. Her other hand wrapped around the side of his neck and her fingers tickled the nape of his neck. Pleasure rolled down his spine. Instantly, he hardened under her touch. She leaned in for a kiss that consumed him and swallowed his moan. She played with the length of him as her tongue teased his lips. Her lips were feather light against his, and he kissed her back eagerly. The pleasure magic coursed through him as she continued her assault on him, his body melting into hers. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they trailed up her thighs, trying to find the part of her that he could tell was aching with need for him. He looked her in the eye as she broke the kiss, seeing the innocent fear in her eyes as the magic was consuming her too. They were powerless to stop it. “Father, please forgive me, for I have sinned.” She said as a seductive smile lit across her face, her chestnut brown eyes now ringed red.
Recognition lit in his eyes as he realized what she was. Succubus. Her kisses were light against his skin, tender even. She wanted to elicit all the pleasure she could in this man, take him as her own. Mark his soul. He wasn’t stopping her. Lily let her magic run wild as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, watched as all the humble Father’s protests melted away under her touch. He wanted her. It was written across his face. She kissed her way down his chest, stopping where the pants obstructed her path. The Father worked his fingers through her hair, moaning as she stroked him through the offending garments. “Off,” she said in a simple command, which he obeyed. When he stood before her, completely nude, the need for him coursed through her veins. He stood at attention for her. The Virgin priest wanted her sweet body to encase his. She smiled at him, and he sat back down. This wasn’t about her pleasure, it was all about his. He needed to surrender to her. She shimmied out of the dress she had on and bared herself to him. She saw his breath catch in his throat, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed harshly. She ran an errant finger down the curves of her body, and then sat astride him, careful to not let him enter her. She leaned over him, pressed her mouth to his ear, and whispered firmly, “Tell me how much you want me,” as she grabbed his hand and brought it to her cunt. She let him feel her slick need for him, coating his fingers in her wetness. His eyes were glazed over with need. “Please take me,” He said, “Please, I’m yours.”
She laughed lightly and released his hand. It fell limply to his side, then jerked to his cock as she let her magic tickle his brain again. She encircled his ear with her tongue, which elicited a moan from him. Slowly, she obliged his request, and let his length enter her as she sat atop him. A strangled moan tore from his body as she gyrated her hips against him. An animalistic need washed over him and he met her movements with thrusts of his own. He was rough, untrained, inexperienced, but the pleasure washed over her as his length grew harder inside her. She brought her lips to his again and caught a moan with her mouth. He kissed her back hungrily, his hands coming to brace her hips to steady their rhythm. “I’ve never had a man of the cloth before, Virgin Father,” She whispered, “Fuck me, Luke,” He jerked them up and lowered them to the floor. He had this primal need to fuck this woman until she couldn’t move, although he never had before. But the sound of his name coming from those luscious lips, it was driving him crazy. He adjusted himself between her thighs and pumped against her body with fervor. His breathing was ragged as the waves of pleasure crashed through his body. Never had he felt something so exquisite and so right. This woman’s cunt was made for him and only him. She was warm wrapped around his length. He wanted to release his seed into her as much as he wanted to draw breath. She moaned underneath him, raising her hips to meet his thrusts. Her arms reached up and wrapped around his back to bring him down to her, and she dug her nails into him. He hissed with pain that was tinged with pure pleasure. She let out a throaty laugh. “Will you come for me, Father?” She said with a glint of playfulness, “Will you come for your filthy demon?”
Gods, he wanted nothing more, His cock was lit with pleasure. The demon magic, her demon magic, wrapped around him like a warm invitation. All his reservations were lost as she whispered his name in his ear. He pumped into her furiously, wanting her to feel every ounce of his need. Her body reacted to his, just as violently as his was reacting to hers. He was sure the village could hear every cry of pleasure they made, their inhibitions so far down, they didn’t care who heard. Gods, he would be excommunicated, damned to hell for this, but he would happily fall into the fiery pits of Hell for this woman. He looked into her eyes and saw her ecstasy brought on by him and the pit of pleasure deep inside him burst alive and he shouted his release, spilling his seed into the filthy demon. He heard her faintly roar hers too, her magic strumming through his body and mingling with the essence of his being, marking him for life. He belonged to her now and there was no going back. He shuddered one last time before he fell into her arms, cursed and damned, but blissfully uncaring.
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Misanthropy seems to be everywhere on the internet. I saw many people cheering over other people's deaths in comments and wishing other people to die. From my experience, one of the most upvoted posts I have seen anywhere are related to pro-misanthropy thoughts. Any comment that speaks out against them is downvoted instantly. Their reasoning is all the same: People kill of the species of the earth.
I know we have done a lot of bad things, but is violence the only option? Spreading awareness seems to be the better option instead of killing everyone off.
Firstly, most people don't want to harm animals and you are being evil by hurting them. Secondly, you're discrediting everyone who has made the world a better place and all of the heroic, nice, and decent people. Third, you're overgeneralizing everything and viewing something big based on a single viewpoint. Last, people like Adolf Hitler killed others because they thought certain races were evil. If you were to act like him, would you behave any differently?
Misanthropes on the internet claim to be the nicest people on earth for caring so much about animals, but they should open their eyes to a more complex species that is humanity. The way people seek moral high ground by doing this is unbelievably lazy.
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Here are some of the reasons behind Engineered Wood Flooring's popularity:
1. It Has The Appearance Of Genuine Wood
One of the best things regarding today's engineered wood flooring would be that it appears just like genuine wood. Many people thought of engineered wood as the weak counterpart to solid wood when it was originally launched, but certainly, its sharpest opponents can't say that anymore. Although the most ardent sceptic will be fooled into thinking that an engineered wood floor is or might be genuine wood.
2. It Does Not Expand and Shrink as Much as Solid Wood Does
This is undoubtedly one of the huge benefits of engineered wood flooring against the solid wood, aside from its fantastic appearance. Laminate wood flooring does not expand and shrink as much as solid wood because of its intelligent design. This implies that it may be used in places where solid wood would be damaged. The correct engineered wood floor won't bat an eyelash in kitchen and bathroom situations, where humidity levels and heat change dramatically.
3. It Is Highly Long-Lasting
Engineered wood flooring is constructed up of many layers of plywood that are glued together before being finished with a solid wood layer or topmost part. Engineered wood flooring planks made in this manner are extremely durable and can withstand significant foot traffic in both residential and commercial settings.
4. It's Sandable

Even though a couple of times engineered wood flooring may be sanded is dependent on the depth of the layer or topmost part, there's no denying that engineered wood can be polished several times during its lifespan. Whenever you resand a floor, you may fix it up if it's becoming dingy. It's also a wonderful technique to remove surface stains and marks.
5. It's Possible To Refinish It
You may restore your engineered wood floor after you've re-sanded it to preserve it and restore its appearance. This implies you may entirely change the appearance of your floor whenever you re-sand and varnish it, providing you with a lot of freedom.
6. It Comes In A Wide Range Of Wood Kinds, Levels, And Textures
Similarly, to how solid wood flooring arrives in a variety of kinds and classifications, engineered hardwood flooring offers a similar range for its slats or topcoats. This means you may get the aesthetic you desire while still selecting the optimum finish for your needs. You may modify your purchase to match your budget since some many qualities of wood are supplied. So, whether you want a strong, lacquered low-cost alternative or an antique, oiled high-end option, the choice is available.
7. It Works Well With Broader Boards
Because of the way wood floorboards are created, a very large tree is required to achieve a broad solid wood board. For engineered wood flooring, this isn't the situation. The boards may be made considerably broader than solid wood flooring since the core boards are constructed of plywood. This implies you may locate two- or three-strip engineered wood flooring, which will enable you to have lower bandwidth throughout your floor and lay it in a quarter of the period.
8. It's Available In Chevron And Parquet Patterns
Engineered wood flooring panels with checkerboard and chevron patterns are becoming increasingly popular. This implies you may acquire panels that have already been finished in the way you choose, enabling you to execute a complex parquet or chevron floor installation in no time.
9. It's Simple To Set Up
Engineered wood flooring is simple to handle and install, making it ideal for both Amateur and commercial engineered wood flooring installation. For anybody interested in doing a job like this for the first time, there is a snap system that is even easier than normal best laminate flooring.

10. Property Value Increase
Engineered wood flooring is a beautiful addition to both home and business spaces. When establishing the true value of a home, especially at the time of sale, the true value of engineered wood flooring installation is exposed. Wooden flooring is an excellent choice if you're seeking a flooring solution that can offer long-term value to your home or project.
Hundreds of engineered hardwood flooring alternatives are available in the FLOOR YOUR HOME collection to fit a variety of budgets and styles. Every plank of wood we choose is inherently attractive, but we improve it using European technology and superb workmanship to pull out the amazing character of the wood. Our diverse range includes the most exotic type of material from across the world to complement any decor.
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2022.01.21 04:45 soniya42423 My health anxiety is rooted not in the fear of being sick and dying but in being unable to afford treatment if I was. Does anyone else feel this way and know how to overcome it?

Hi all,
So I have pretty bad health anxiety. I freak out if I have specific symptoms and think of worse-case scenarios like cancer, needing to be in the hospital a few nights etc. I live in the states so I feel like if I lived elsewhere this def would not have been much of an issue. I grew up in a low-income family where my immigrant brown parents have always warned me against taking an ambulance, doing things that can get me hurt, and have always framed it as don't do _____ because if _____ happens, we won't be able to afford the medical bill. It never seemed to be out of concern for my own well-being.
These past years I have dealt with iron deficiency anemia among other less serious things (thank god). I believe I may have syncope and passed out a year ago from hitting my funny bone pretty hard (mind you I was extremely stressed due to another traumatic thing that happened to me and was on four hours of sleep each night) so I think I was more prone to getting sick then. Anyways I saw the doctor the next day and when asked if I passed out, my parents pressured me to not admit it because they were scared that the doctor would report me to the state (required in CA) and that my license would be revoked. My mom depends on me to drive so this would have been a huge issue. I also passed out during a lecture once from having a bad cold and fever but was freaking out that I had lung cancer. Luckily I told the guy sitting next to me that I was gonna pass out and told him I'd be fine and to not call an ambulance.
Today I was not feeling too well from drinking caffeine and my dad said be careful "they can revoke your license" instead of talking about the important part of it. I have noticed that ever since stuff like this has happened, I have been terrified to be by myself in public, especially in spaces where if I did pass out (from anxiety or not feeling well) where someone would call an ambulance. After passing out in college, I sat in the very back row for the rest of college in all my classes.
Worst of all, I have been terrified to step into a doctor's office because I know they would be the ones to report if it did happen. I also have been anxious about flying by myself which is so sad cause I use to fly alone so much as a teen. This is getting out of hand and reducing the quality of my life. My mom won't also let me see a therapist and I am currently under their insurance. I would move out but am also scared to be on my own due to this very fear lol.
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2022.01.21 04:45 CoolwhHip How far in advance should we make dinner reservations?

Hi all!
My husband and I are visiting Palermo in May and we were wondering how far in advance we should book restaurant tables at popular eateries. Would two weeks before our trip be early enough for the majority of restaurants?
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2022.01.21 04:45 campweatger A theory for season 3

I was thinking that if Benji has a relapse there’s a chance that Victor might break up with him.He might think that their relationship was the reason for the relapse and decide to stay away from Benji because he wants him to recover.I hope this never happens though, but I think it would be a little more realistic than Victor taking care of him(like some others have predicted).
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2022.01.21 04:45 -s-u-n-n-y- painful urination

Nonbinary, 29 years old, 120lb Meds: ventolin inhaler, seroquel 50mg/day for insomnia, medical cannabis for insomnia Other background: V2 Trigeminal Neuralgia, hEDS, GAD, POTS, low level asthma
I have never had a history of UTIs. 3 weeks ago, I had painful urination. On the second day I attended the emergency department and they did blood work & a urine test. All came back fine and didn’t indicate a URI (no blood). I was given antibiotics, but it didn’t stop the pain. Then I was given Canesten and that didn’t seem to stop the pain. My GP then gave me AciGel, and it finally stopped the pain about 5 days ago. My doctor also did a swab and tested for herpes and it came back negative. Also did one for bacteria and I assume it came back negative. Then the pain started again today. It’s not as excruciating as it was previously but I’m concerned. No idea what could be causing it. Any ideas?
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2022.01.21 04:45 valeriervn Any advice for my pilea?

My pilea is about 3 years old and a few weeks ago it started turning grey-ish and losing its leafs. I have tried repotting and feeding it.
Do you have any ideas for saving it? Or is it too far gone? Thanks :)
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2022.01.21 04:45 Illustrious_Cake9123 Are you READY for SUPRISE NEWS !! Whenever you add in YOUR COLLECTION, it will bring CHANGES where you NEED...

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