z39n3 d727i 825iz 92h6t is692 k8t9r kzdka 6r7sk fra93 z8k64 7dh4d 7bbnb s42zb 3ssz9 65n64 bs3ri sir3a yzd2a ee464 5thid fe7y9 [New War]Fuck your zodiac sign, who did you choose? |

[New War]Fuck your zodiac sign, who did you choose?

2022.01.21 04:17 killmepleas69420 [New War]Fuck your zodiac sign, who did you choose?

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2022.01.21 04:17 TryBobby If I can do more sets, am I supposed to?

At the end of every workout, the app asks if I could do more sets.
Should I be pushing myself and doing 1-2 or 3-4 additional sets (where I physically can), or do I complete the exercise as usual and just indicate that I would be able to on the app, for future workouts?
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2022.01.21 04:17 JDNWACO Is it possible for my brother to send gems? I need 3 for tomorrow but we can’t figure it out. We’re both on an iPhone

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2022.01.21 04:17 embis20032 Something Eminem related is coming out on the 28th.

If it dosen't I'll staple my nutsack to a stack up paper and upload it to a porn site. And I really... REALLY mean this.
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2022.01.21 04:17 sp_00n what can cause and what does it mean "plot is unopenable"

what can cause and what does it mean chia plots check return such a warning. should I replot these what? or during check it means they were opened by the chia for blockchain reward check?

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2022.01.21 04:17 kezinchara Hey guys, I found this. Is there anything I can runeword it with that would be worth the investment? Thanks in advance, and may RNGesus bless thou.

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2022.01.21 04:17 Effective-Tip8947 Jack Parkinson

I personally felt the way he teaches and his exam was hard but after I finish the course, I believe he is a pretty cool guy and is one of the best prof at econ department haha
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2022.01.21 04:17 karaloveskate First Penny in Ruby's outfit. Now Ruby in Penny's. By Kimmy77 Source: https://www.deviantart.com/kimmy77/art/RWBY-Ruby-Rose-904431810

First Penny in Ruby's outfit. Now Ruby in Penny's. By Kimmy77 Source: https://www.deviantart.com/kimmy77/art/RWBY-Ruby-Rose-904431810
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2022.01.21 04:17 Old_Truth6995 ¿Quién es 'Aida Cortés', la colombiana que más gana en OnlyFans? | Por Puro Morbo

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2022.01.21 04:17 GwentMeUpBaby Nice turnips! I know All-father, I know.

So yesterday I reached a big milestone. I had searched and searched and searched a massive swap and still hadn't found any turnip seeds. On a whim I went to a tiny other swamp and immediately found my turnip seeds. I rushed to my base to grow them and patiently turned all the first 3 harvests to seeds to grow my crop. Finally I had a whole field of turnips so I could upgrade my cauldron make all the cool iron age food!
I came back from a mission, it was late and I went outside to do something and Odin was just standing there in my turnip field. We looked at each other. No words needed to be said - I knew he was thinking.
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2022.01.21 04:17 NotTheBridge [US-CA] [H] Local cash, Paypal [W] SA-P Snowcaps Katakana Alphas, SA-P Snowcaps Alternate Icons Kit, and the SA-P Snowcaps 65% adder kit (or just arrow keys)

I love the SA profile, but I don't like the smooth feeling of ABS. I've had an MT3 profile keycap set, and that was really good, but the SA profile is best for me, so I'd like to invest money into a nice pbt SA set. I don't need to purchase everything from one person, but it is preferred. If you have any SA-P Snowcaps set, please send me a message as well because I might buy them. I just need layout support for the KBD67 rev2 with a 1.75u right shift and a 1.5u alt and control key on the bottom row. The 1.5u alt and control keys are not as important to me because I can buy them individually, but it would be great if anyone had it. To conclude, I just want enough keys for a 65% keyboard, and if you have a 1.5u alt and control I will pay extra. Thank you!
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2022.01.21 04:17 MangieAngie1961 Won my duel 59/41.

Won my duel 59/41. submitted by MangieAngie1961 to RedecorHomeDesignGame [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 04:17 MissedHerMangos Which CAM in 4-2-2-2?

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2022.01.21 04:17 salmonfroyo Fem clothes go brr

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2022.01.21 04:17 FlyingLowSH Verdacht auf Untreue und Subventionsbetrug am Hahn

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2022.01.21 04:17 Iggy_Over_heaven Irohiko Hakari sensei

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2022.01.21 04:17 RedST0114 [111 Builds] Winter Wraith vs Gael

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2022.01.21 04:17 Numerous_Tomatillo92 👙 Bikini Booty 🍑| Just Launched 🚀 | ✅ Major Marketing Already Started | x1000 Gem 🚀| BUSD Rewards 💵 | The SEXIEST BSC Token 💋

Welcome to Bikini Booty, the world's next king meme token.
🚀 Telegram: https://t.me/BikiniBooty
💥 Contract: 0x7f5ff221062a344967d987c79ff80c96b52de041
🌐 Buy here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7f5ff221062a344967d987c79ff80c96b52de041
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
💵 0% tax buy - 12% tax sell
🐶5% Floki Rewards
📰 2.5 % to Marketing
🔥 3% to Liquidity
👥 1.5% to Team
💻 Website Coming Very Soon
👑 Hold and earn BUSD
Bikini Booty is revolutionizing the metaverse. Soon, we will have full metaverse integration along with Play-2-Earn gaming. Early holders will reap the most rewards, so get in now!
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2022.01.21 04:17 ArtursMcGillicuddy Ambient Focus: my favourite ambient music to meditate/study/work to

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2022.01.21 04:17 polestarsolution Key Challenges and Benefits Of Anaplan For HR And Workforce- Polestar Solutions

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2022.01.21 04:17 LowEntertainment2621 20220121

DAY 230:

As a clarification: Stuff I post in this subreddit is mostly for testing various things and trying to finish some other mostly unfinished things
good value means that i expect this to get a long-term-value-per-bet of greater than 0.1
bad value means that i expect this to get a long-term-value-per-bet between -0.1 and +0.1
would be good value means that there is too much of a dependence on injuries for that type of bet and when going back to check if the injury reports are actually correct they just turn out to be wrong and/or incomplete more often than not for matches i bet on
basically means that my calculation is within some range (different across different types of bets but usually around 7-8% but can be as low as 5% for CSGO)
bad value means within that range, good value means outside that range
all the odds are from either bet365 or pinnacle

TOTAL (good value):
-0.46 over 458 bet
TOTAL (would be good value):
+1.24 over 202 bets
O/U (good value) (NBA):
-5.02 over 384 bets
thunder vs hornets U 220.5 @ 2.00
lakers vs magic U 214.5 @ 2.55
blazers vs celtics O 221.5 @ 2.70
bulls vs bucks U 222.5 @ 2.40
raptors vs wizards U 213.5 @ 2.20
nets vs spurs U 229.5 @ 2.40
grizzlies vs nuggets U 218.5 @ 2.05
pistons vs jazz O 221.5 @ 2.20
rockets vs warriors U 224.5 @ 2.35
O/U (good value) (EUROLEAGUE):
+4.56 over 79 bets
panath vs anadolu U 161.5 @ 2.10

O/U (would be good value):
+4.45 over 31 bets
this is based on that the injury reports as seen on flashscore at roughly 7:00 AM CET are roughly correct
There is not much to bet on here because my calculation is almost always within 5% of the bookies odds (this is just due to a curious fact that when the average score is between 5-6 there is not much room for big errors on the bookies' side, for example in the NHL my calculation is within 5% for basically every match because injuries don't matter there for the calculation of the total score so the calculation becomes extremely simple)

O/U (would be good value) (~7:00AM injuries&odds):
-3.31 over 178 bets
this is based on that the injury reports as seen on flashscore at roughly 7:00 AM CET are roughly correct
for most of these picks they will be dangerously wrong - especially on weekends - i really feel for people trying to bet on soccer getting fed this massive misinformation, no wonder all the bookies ever do is copy each other. No idea why this predominantly happens on weekends - must be because the site is overwhelmed by the amount of matches on weekends so they get extremely sloppy
st etienne vs lyon U 2.5 @ 2.5
arminia bielefeld vs eintracht frankfurt O 2.5 @ 1.8
oss vs helmond O 2.5 @ 2
betis vs espanyol O 2.5 @ 1.8
O/U (would be good value) (~12:00AM injuries&odds):
-1.25 over 4 bets:
this is based on that the injury reports as seen on flashscore at roughly 12:00 AM CET are roughly correct
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2022.01.21 04:17 -FroGscaNFly- Now wait for americans to wake up and their faces will be like 😱🤢😟 when they see sbib price. Its still great opportunity to buy and accumulate more coins

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2022.01.21 04:17 kennethjor An Appropriate End

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2022.01.21 04:17 Pikey-Boo Keep ordering wrong Audi part.

Hi folks,
So a long story short, the screen in my 2011 Audi A4 S-Line Quattro (B8) is cracked, it still works but it bugs me. I've tried to replace it twice but on both occasions the parts I've ordered have been wrong, with the smaller of the two plugs not fitting correctly due to tiny differences in the cuts of the socket surround.
Can anyone help me out and tell me exactly what the part number is that I need to search for when ordering the part, please? Because I've got two screens plus the broken one now with the part numbers 8T0919604 but neither of the replacements fit the smaller plug?
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2022.01.21 04:17 8Wildlight8 Must have seen leaks or want to see to read this!

In Pokémon legends arceus, I would really like to do something so, there is a big disaster that the diamond and pearl clan caused, and you go sort out say, pearl clan and catch lord form palkia, and then sort out diamond clan and catch lord form dialga. Then once you’ve caught both, you unlock a quest to go investigate some mysterious energy coming from mount coronet to unlock arceus.
i would also quite like to have your starters evolve to their final evos as part of a quest just to make it all the more special. please tell ,e what you think of my ideas
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