If I bought it on my iPad, can I also install it on my PC or will I need to purchase again?

2021.11.28 06:17 braiide If I bought it on my iPad, can I also install it on my PC or will I need to purchase again?

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2021.11.28 06:17 Dysvanlist Wauw......just wauw

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2021.11.28 06:17 Brusto1099 Is there an out of bounds glitch for regalia type f to fly to the other continent in the current version 1.30?

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2021.11.28 06:17 Premeddddd They really are just trash.

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2021.11.28 06:17 Thin-Lengthiness-389 ADAMoon Launching Now | Auto Rewards In ADA| Cross chain BSC & Cardano Alonzo| Sundae Swap & Yield Farming | Gaming & Metaverse 🌑

This is your gateway to financial freedom. By holding ADAMoon you’ll get automatic airdrops every hour (contract tested and validated) of Cardano straight to your wallet.
⁉️Why should you even invest?⁉️
In summary the utility:
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Creating a farm to benefit holders for new layer 2 projects
Diversifying into the Cardano Smart Chain for Sundaeswap rewards
Developing games that are fun to play and reward users in multi tokens & platforms
Original token will always reward users in CARDANO
· 10% Tax (7% Rewards, 1% Marketing, 2% Liquidity)
· Liquidity locked.
· Development Utility Holdings (WILL NOT be sold)
· Yield Farming
· Cardano Alonzo Cross Chain with Sundae Swap
· Gaming Platform
🔹 BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4ff508aa4a9c463080f560bab5400a524700738e
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🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4ff508aa4a9c463080f560bab5400a524700738e#readContract
🔹 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xa117266560af1fb1cfbe59375f95df9be2980d8c
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2021.11.28 06:17 mysticalbear2 What are psychic cords actually? Theory about soul retrieval?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about psychic cords and could elaborate on any theory around this. When I say psychic cords, I mean when one experiences preoccupation with someone who perpetrated harm against them. What problem is the mind trying to solve here?
My theory is that an essential part of one's person is being held hostage by the perpetrators, and that is why the victim cannot let go of their perpetrators just yet. (I mean this psychologically of course, the victim may be thousands of miles away from the perpetrators and still worried about what they are thinking).
As an example, say the victim has the healthy need for love and belonging, but this need is exploited by perpetrators in order to mistreat the victim. The victim may become ashamed of their own need for love and belonging or even have it explicitly ridiculed as the reason they have been exploited. The victim then becomes preoccupied with their perpetrators without knowing why, their mind constantly drifts back to their perpetrator. My theory is that it is because an essential part of the victim's soul, their need for love and belonging, has been left behind, and is being held captive by the perpetrator. The victim does not know why their mind returns to perpetrator, but perhaps unconsciously they cannot move forward until they retrieve that part of the soul, out of the shackles of the shame the perpetrator has imposed on their need for love and belonging. In essence, the 'psychic cord' is actually an umbilical cord to part of one's soul. (this is probably why 'cord cutting' doesn't work). Imagine some essential part of you was in a cage somewhere, all forward momentum would be halted because the whole of you is 'snagged' on a hook that is holding part of you back, so the entirety of you cannot move forward. Does that make sense?
To me this makes sense, and I think goes well with the idea of the 'splintered psyche' that Jung spoke about. And having a part of oneself be held hostage by their perpetrator is kind of like having a part of oneself 'shadowed' due to some kind of negative experience with that part of self.
It is very hard to find anything on the internet about this because they are all about 'cutting the cord' which I do not find helpful and seems to be a very superficial understanding of what is actually going on. I like to see the psyche from a holistic perspective with reasons that certain symptoms show up, I don't like practices that focus purely on symptom suppression.
Anyway this is just my theory, I would like some feedback if possible, and if anyone has experience with this, I would appreciate if you could elaborate on the topic further and share your knowledge. Thanks.
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2021.11.28 06:17 akki_maharaj What if studio sunrise animated konosuba?

I have been watching a lot of Gintama lately and thought about how much funnier they made that series with filler episodes and stuff. Then what if they did konosuba, would it be funnier or better then the og? (Also I started thinking about this because of u/chisato-hasegawa-MX question which he posted a couple of days ago)
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2021.11.28 06:17 Adissek123 Oil in wood tube?

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2021.11.28 06:17 Minecraft_5464 Have you ever bought reddit coins?

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2021.11.28 06:17 Unable_Ad_7651 Choose a hollywood babe to empty your balls

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2021.11.28 06:17 sicksteenstone Updates & Questions.

I've been in this subreddit since I started Lamictal about 2 months ago. A few things:

Other than that, I am just ebbing and flowing, and I feel better than I have in years.
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2021.11.28 06:17 Icarulroman USR își face guvern din umbră. Cioloș: Vrem să câștigăm toate alegerile din 2024, să dăm președintele României

USR își face guvern din umbră. Cioloș: Vrem să câștigăm toate alegerile din 2024, să dăm președintele României submitted by Icarulroman to Romania [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 06:17 petdam Ναυάγιο "Δημήτριος"

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2021.11.28 06:17 McJuarez All my favourite-ish fashion atm

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2021.11.28 06:17 jamesborn5 It's in our hand guys!We are getting closer!We have the stronger community!Go break those fucking polls!

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2021.11.28 06:17 enoumen Microsoft are hosting a certification week this December, make sure you register!

See here to register https://register.govirtualconference.com/?conference=4f69d740-1e50-4c9e-8e12-dd1cb256ad64
See here for some other ways for free Microsoft exams! https://ourcloudnetwork.com/how-to-get-free-microsoft-exam-certifications/[Microsoft Certification Week](https://register.govirtualconference.com/?conference=4f69d740-1e50-4c9e-8e12-dd1cb256ad64)
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2021.11.28 06:17 niuz-bot 32 de ani de la moartea fostului Beatles, George Harrison - [Actualitate][Cultură]

Fost membru al celebrei trupe britanice The Beatles, George Harrison - compozitor, chitarist, textier, scriitor și producător de filme - s-a născut la 25 februarie 1943, la Liverpool, Marea Britanie. La mijlocul anilor '50, în timp ce era student la Institutul din Liverpool, l-a cunoscut pe Paul McCartney. În 1958, s-a alăturat formației The Quarrymen, fondată cu un an în urmă de prietenul său de liceu, John Lennon. În 1961, trupa The Quarrymen își schimbă numele în The Beatles, conform site-ului www.biography.com. În decembrie 1961, Brian Epstein a devenit impresarul lor. În perioada aprilie-mai 1962, fiind angajați la "Star Club" din Hamburg, au cântat ocazional cu bateristul Ringo Starr (nume real Richard Starkey) din formația Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, iar câteva luni mai târziu, în august, Ringo a fost cooptat în trupă.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-cultura-25210399-32-ani-moartea-fostului-beatles-george-harrison.htm
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2021.11.28 06:17 imfeelingcorny Crikey - The Greens are Under New Leadership

Crikey - The Greens are Under New Leadership Written by Nathan Green, Journalist

The Australian Greens has been ruled by 2 co-leaders, model-slater and model-kyosanto, since it's registration on the 18th of December 2020 as the Australian Green Left Party. But with Slater passing away a week ago and Kyosanto retiring, the Greens have chosen 2 new co-leaders to succeed them. They are TheTrashMan_10, the Member for Melbourne, and Aussie-Parliament-RP, the recently elected Member for Mayo. They have said that they will continue to remain committed to the 4 core values of the party and will continue to listen to Australians to deliver evidence-based policy .
With an election coming up, the 2 new leaders will have a big job to do as they try to hold onto their seats and take some more. Will they succeed and be able to form government again? Or will they fail and return the Greens to the opposition. We'll just have to wait and see.
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2021.11.28 06:17 AtakanTurkmen Interpreting The Motifs On Turkish Rugs

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2021.11.28 06:17 niuz-bot Ședință extraordinară de guvern pe fondul noii tulpini Covid-19. 36 de cetățeni români sunt în continuare blocați în Africa de sud - [Actualitate][Politic]

Premierul Nicolae Ciucă a convocat duminică o ședință de Guvern în contextul apariției variantei Omicron a coronavirusului. 36 de români sunt blocați în Africa de Sud după ce mai multe curse aeriene au fost anulate.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-politic-25210403-sedinta-extraordinara-guvern-fondul-noii-tulpini-covid-19-36-cetateni-romani-sunt-continuare-blocati-africa-sud.htm
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2021.11.28 06:17 Inner-Spread611 👀

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2021.11.28 06:17 kim_bob19 Tales from the Borderlands Bro Scene

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2021.11.28 06:17 AnnaPh6 Do I have mental illness? Or is it all just in my head?

Hi! I'm 17-years old and I'm in High school already. To be honest, I have never really experienced any sort of that would lead to me thinking that I might have a mental illness. And I don't want to stereotype this kind of thing because I know this is a real issue that is affecting different people's lives everyday. But although I don't have any experience about it, I'd like to think sometimes that I only act that way to others because I have some sort of mental illness. It's like I'm trying to justify my actions sometimes, and it always bothers me. I'd like to think that I'm not a good person, but not also a bad person. I have my fair share of moments where I intentionally act mean just for attention, while I sometimes don't act mean just for the sake of that.
What I know is that I have been bullied in the past, sometimes it's physical, sometimes it's not. And it affected me so much mentally. That it led me to think sometimes of suicidal thoughts, to feel a strong sense of guilt, and to basically just feel helpless because of the situation I'm in. Years ago, I remember my young self crying until I can fall asleep, blaming myself and others for all the wrong things that has happened to me while I'm at it. I constantly feel the need to compare myself to others, to push other people away, and to feel the need that I don't deserve any sort of affection unless its hate or anger. 2 years ago, I experienced bullying again. And after reporting it to the teachers, the whole school heard of it. Some people laughed, some people said that it was unnecessary, some pity me, while others say that I'm just doing that for attention. I've never felt so lost in my life, and the only person I could blame that time was myself.
Funny right? To think that a victim of bullying blames herself for asking help.
Now, I'm now working on my self-love journey. But honestly, I somehow still think of the those nights where I feel so exhausted to try to live anymore. And I think that my personal life and those past experiences has made my mental health worse that it sometimes come to a point where I plan on how I can commit suicide quietly. I now sometimes hear voices in my head, and I sometimes panic when I stand in front of the crowd. Because my head will begin to think that all of them are whispering behind my back and laughing at me because of the rumours they've heard from others. But in the end, the most I could come close to killing myself was just holding a knife. In the end, I was still worried of what will happen to my friends and family. I feel stuck because I am constantly trying to figure out of why I still haven't killed myself. Is it because of my family or friends? Or is it because I'm not brave enough to kill myself?
Well thank you for taking the time to read this, it made my heart feel lighter to know that at least someone in this world heard my story.
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2021.11.28 06:17 alien_player Async vs synchronous teams (Podcast)

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2021.11.28 06:17 NoOneToLookAtHere So I found this game magazine with silksong on it. Sorry that I couldn’t take better and more pictures because there was more pages, but we were in a bit of a rush.

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