Hit baby pan on two supershocks!

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2021.10.21 23:38 PhilattheGame2 Zyler's Work Day

Zyler pulled up to the offices' parking lot. He reached out his arm and placed his thumb on the scanner to get the gate to open. He sat for a minute hoping that the scanner would work this time. But his thumb was too big for the scanner. He huffed in defeat. It was not easy working at a business that mainly employed smaller peoples.

Zyler was the biggest person Bueller's INC. had ever hired. As a wolf, he only stood only 1.778 meters tall. Rather short for his family. But he was twicers as taller as anyone currently working at the office, well that he knew of. Zyler had to wiggle around in his small car to get his hand round to his pocket. Finally, he got his wallet out and pulled out his business ID. Holding it over the scanner the light turned green and the gate finally opened. He tossed this wallet to the passenger side and drove into the parking lot. He parked his car and unfolded his body out of the car. Buying a foxes car had been a good idea when it came to cost, but he now regretted the decision. All his joints popped as he stretch. He reached around and ran his recently trimmed claws through this tail. That done, one glance at the clock in the parking lot. Told him that he had plenty of time to start his day. He headed towards the entrances. Ignoring the elevator he took the stair to the eighth floor. Those elevators were claustrophobically small. He reached his floor and tried to use the paw scanner. And as usual, it didn't work for him. Squinting he tried to read the text on the little screen. He couldn't make out the text. For the hundredth time he reminded himself to go get glasses or contacts, or maybe try something else. He reached for this wallet to get his ID out and remembered that he had left it in his car. Then he felt the ID in his pocket. Well, that was good. He didn't need his wallet anyway. Waving the card at the scanner the door popped open and he walked into his office. For about an hour Zyler got the office ready. In the break room, he filled the water dispensers and got the Tea/coffee pots ready. He couldn't drink coffee, but the teas were good enough. Zyler made sure the bathrooms were clean and the hand towel dispensers were full. Finally, he make sure the printers had paper and all the Inks(copyright) was full. With that done he got to his desk and started his computer. Before it came on Zyler pulled out his earplugs and stuffed them in his ears. The sound that came from the computer tower made his teeth hurt epically his K9s. Even with the earplugs, the sound got in. Zyler pulled out a stress ball and popped it on his mouth. He clamped down and waited for the sound to stop. Once it finally stopped and released the ball. Spitting it out he looked down and grimiest. He had basically bitten the ball in half. Sadly, he pulled out his trash and tossed the ball in it. He reached into the desk and pulled another stress ball out, still in its wrapper. A short time later his co-workers started to arrive. Their smells precede them and Zyler knew that no one was missing today. That was good. He usually got the workload of the people that didn't show up. The elevator ding and the First group filed out, Zyler's smallest Co-workers. They all headed for the break room first. Why buy coffee and tea if you could get them for free at work. The mice, moles, and the other smaller co-works got in and out of the break room as quickly as possible. Not getting stepped on was preferred. So when the bigger people showed up, not being in the beak room was advised. The elevator dinged and the second group filed in. These were the cat's size people. The CEO was a cat and she seemed to hire a lot of other cats. It was a marvel that Zyler had gotten hired, and the four or five small dogs doubly so. And that was basically everybody. Zyler's directed supervisor, the floor supervisor, never physically came in. She was... well... let's just say NO one wanted to smell her. She knew it and understood. But suddenly Zyler started to smell that certain smell. All heads turned to the Elevator, then everyone hurried to their desks. Zyler hurriedly put the earplugs back in and suffered through the start-up process of a hundred computers. As the last one finished booting up Zyler popped the earplugs out. He stopped breathing through his nose. Even so, his eyes started to water. The elevator open and Elinore exited. Her rotund, black and white form waddled down the aisle. Everybody carefully acted like nothing was amiss. Also, trying to not breathe too deeply. Elinore finally stopped at Zyler's desk. "Yes, mama?" Zyler immediately asked. Hoping that she wouldn't say long. Elinore noted the tears in Zyler's eyes and looked chagrined. "Sorry, boyo. I won' be long. Da boss wan's samun tu install ea computer. Da IT department es swomped. I ear dat yuz kin install ea computer. Ken yoz go dun to da IT department en get et computer en go install et?" Elinore asked. Zyler translated her words in his head. Then when he figured that he understood he replied. "Yes, mama. I should be able to." "Gud, gud. e'll be in mie office tudey. Sorry, boyo. Da boss sae so." She pated Zyler's arm and waddled to the back of the office to her seldomly used office. She opened the door and went in. The air condition come on and started to suck the smell away. It wouldn't go away completely but it would be barrable. Well, Zyler wouldn't have to deal with it for a little while. He headed to the stair to go down to the IT department. As he passed the last desk the occupant reached out and pulled on Zyler's pants legs. Zyler looked down at the little mouse, Hanako. "Yes?" "Zyler senpai, you can't use the stair to get to the IT Department. You have to use the elevator. It's in the basement. There are no stairs to that floor." Zyler's jaw dropped. "No stair?" "Hai!" That was the reply. Zyler stood in front of the elevator doors. He looked at the call button. Swallowing he finally pressed the button. It opened immediately. Drat, he had hoped it would have taken longer. He had to psych himself up, like when he first gets into his car. Ducking he inters the elevator. Crouching down he presses the button for the basement. One horrible ride later Zyler exits the tiny elevator. He didn’t have a panic attack so that was nice. Looking around Zyler noticed that there was only one door in the hallway. On the door was written IT Department. And underneath it, was a note on a piece of paper. “Keep out! Work in progress.” It said in bold letters. Knowing that he would probably get yelled at, Zyler knocked on the door. When nothing happened for long minutes he knocked again. And again and again. When no one answered, he was forced to open the door. Looking in Zyler found only one person. To his surprise, a Vixen sat in an office chair. She rolled back and forth between three computers that she madly typed on. The reason she hadn’t responded, even now, was that she was wearing rather large headphones. Zyler could hear the music from where he stood in the doorway. He couldn’t help but notice her striking red-orange fur. Her head hair, of the same color, was tied up on a louse bun, held mostly by the headphones. On her snout was the thickest glasses Zyler had ever seen. He didn’t get to see much more because the Vixen’s head suddenly snapped up, and Zyler could see her nose twitching. She wheels around with a look of annoyance on her face. The look vanished when she saw the person standing in the doorway. “Uh hey? Um, they sent me to get the computer that need’s to get set up?” He questioned uncertainly. 
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2021.10.21 23:38 EvilHeroMalice How do I stop the shame?

I thought I would have been over it by now but it seems like it’s stronger for me in recent years.
I can’t really think of two guys together without finding it weird or wrong (especially with sex). I’ve had sex before so I don’t know why now I feel this way. I know there’s nothing wrong about it, but deep down I don’t buy it. It still feels wrong and shameful. Or when it doesn’t I feel like I’m not hot enough to have thoughts about other guys, it’s like they’re doing me a favor in the fantasy, and I feel the same around other guys.
I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve hung around other gay men, been to support groups, but it is still there. I can’t afford therapy anymore so I’m at the end of my rope.
It doesn’t help that a lot of my negative experiences had to do with the gay community as well. Makes it hard to buy that there are good people there.
I don’t want to feel like this anymore but I don’t know what else I can try at this point. I don’t want go on feeling like this…
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2021.10.21 23:38 CannabisInfoCanada Article: Province seeks to shift onus from restaurants, retailers to third-party companies that deliver liquor or cannabis

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2021.10.21 23:38 hash0707 Hannah and Liam #2

What if the universe is conscious but doesn't know why it exists. What if the universe itself wonders why there is something instead of nothing. What if it needs help in figuring this out. Is that why it invented intelligent beings? But then why couldn’t the universe just introspect and make observations and do analyses that take humans decades of research to perform? If it doesn’t have this kind of insight into itself, then how did it manage to make stars and blackholes and atoms and humans? What kind of absurd rule prevents the universe from studying atoms but allows it to make them? Can something be invented without a complete understanding of it. I guess I could invent a new kind of phone or something without really understanding all there is to understand about electricity or touch screen displays etc. But to make a battery, I need to understand how electricity is produced. The more I go towards fundamentals, the more knowledge I need and the less high level intuition I can get away with. That means that the universe has all the knowledge necessary to make atoms and the fundamental particles. Then it’s not about understanding now, is it? Is it about experiencing its own creation? If the universe has the capacity to feel a need, any need, then isn’t it an experience already? Which means the universe can experience emotions in some way or form. Is the universe toying with us? Making us feel lesser emotions most of the time while it basks in the glory of its own creation? “For fuck’s sake, Liam, I love you to death but you need to let it go that you came a little too early”. “Fine” muttered Liam as he rolled onto his side of the bed.
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2021.10.21 23:38 InstantRice667 If the government were to be abolished, what would be done with it's resources?

If the government was abolished, who do you think should get things like missiles, money printer, or government buildings?
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