Trying To Be A Blank Canvas, by Dizzy Diver. Thank you so much if you do listen to it. Means a lot!

2021.10.21 23:45 wickedmee Trying To Be A Blank Canvas, by Dizzy Diver. Thank you so much if you do listen to it. Means a lot!

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2021.10.21 23:45 RubbahPants So, one of my cards looks really different for some reason?

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2021.10.21 23:45 JeepGirl004 Newly diagnosed, feel like my feelings and thoughts have all been “wrong” or a big lie.

Did anyone else feel like this diagnosis invalidated ALL of your emotions and thoughts in one fell swoop? I’m just starting my healing journey so I’m hoping this will be addressed, but group doesn’t start for a few weeks. In the meantime, any advice on how to discern if my thoughts and emotions are appropriate/valid or not. For now I’ve just kind of locked down and feel mostly empty but that’s not realistic to keep up. Feeling lost…
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2021.10.21 23:45 hash0707 [RF] The Man From Luxenesia

I lived in a nice neighborhood. It was clean and the people were always good to me. Well, that may have been because I was a cute and cuddly 6-year-old. We had been living there for a long time; practically all my life. My house was huge, or at least, it appeared so to my tiny self. I liked my school and my friends. My parents were good folks. We had good neighbors. Mr. Donovan hosted the best barbecues in the area. And boy, was he a fun guy. Mr. Harris, on the other hand, was a man of few (read zero) words. He was one of those silent, reserved guys. Not rude, no. Just not too cordial either. But he was a very nice guy because he always gave me candies whenever he saw me. And the times when he did speak to me, he would crack me up with his jokes. They made me chuckle even when I used to just think about them. His front lawn was barren mostly. He didn't really tend to his house either. Maybe he was just old and tired. Or maybe he didn't really care. Old people have much more important things on their minds, you know, like their own health, and their families and the families of their children. Except, he did not have family; that’s what my mom told me. She said, “Some people choose to not marry and have babies. Mr. Harris is one of them.” It is not wrong or sad or anything like that, you know. Sometimes, some people get too engrossed in their work and other stuff and never find the need to start a family. Except, we didn’t know what his job was. At his age, we could presume that he was most likely retired. But we didn't know what he used to do for a living. It is not as if anyone asked him or anything. A lot of times, you look at someone and you know the line of work they are in. For instance, when I look at Mr. Jones’ car, I know that he is a policeman. But that was not the case with Mr. Harris.
It was a warm summer and the summer break had started in schools. I played video games all day, or at least until my parents allowed me to. I used to stare out the window at times. Mr. Harris rarely left his house. He mostly left his house to shop for groceries. I never saw a postman leaving mail at his doorstep. It seemed kind of sad but I didn't get any mail either and I had a lot of friends. I guess some people are more private than others. He looked like he was 500 years old but my teacher at school had once said in class that human beings usually die by the age of 100. He seemed fit to me. He used a walking stick but I had seen people that were older than him. Anyways, my parents told me that he was from another country. I asked, “Like, Europe?” My dad explained, “No. Europe is a continent and there are many countries inside Europe. He comes from one of them.” I was fascinated by this. I never really knew any foreigners. We learned history and geography at school and my teacher told us that there are more than 100 countries in this world. I had a globe model of Earth, you know, the one you can spin around. I decided that I would learn more about his country from Mr. Harris. This one fine day, I went to his front door and knocked. Mr. Harris answered the door and asked, “How are you, my dear boy?” I was excited and I told him that I wanted to know more about his country. He smiled, probably the biggest smile I had seen on anyone ever.
The whole afternoon he told me these wonderful stories about his homeland. I never knew that there could be so many farms of potatoes. Nor did I ever imagine that buildings could be so high that they touch the clouds. And there were many other very fascinating things about his country. At the end, he had this silly smile on his face, kind of the smile I have when I look at ice cream. I wanted to know where his country was exactly, and I rushed home and brought my globe. He spun it around with his wrinkly fingers and pointed, “There!” he said, happily. I looked at where he was pointing and saw him pointing straight at Croatia. No, his finger was right on the border of Croatia and Bosnia. I asked, “Croatia?”. He shook his head. “Then, Bosnia?” He again shook his head. I was confused. He said, “My country is called Luxenesia. It’s right between Croatia and Bosnia.” “But I don't see anything” said I, staring hard at the globe. “Ha! Ha!” he laughed gently. “And you won't, my dear boy. it’s very small and it is never shown on these modern maps of yours”. “Oh!” I said, seemingly understanding why I couldn’t locate “Luxenesia”. Then I went home for dinner.
At the dinner table, I told my parents about Mr. Harris’ home with almost the same verve as him. They were pretty amazed too. My dad said, “That seems pretty far away. Maybe that’s why I haven't seen anyone from Luxe...Lux..what was it called again?” “Luxenesia '' said I. “Yeah, good for you. Learning new things every day.” I simply grinned.
The next couple of days, I kept visiting Mr. Harris’ home and learning more about his country. It seemed like a wonderful place. I really wanted to go there. I asked, “How do you get there?” “Why, by a plane, of course.” he smiled. “Do you go there every year?” “No, my child. There has been this political turmoil going on over there. No plane from this or any country goes there. It’s been this way for the past 40 years.” “Woah! That’s a long time.” I exclaimed. He just smiled and nodded. “I came here on a business trip and had to settle here.” “What about your family?” “I used to talk to my parents on the phone every day, right up to the day they passed away. They used to tell me everything that was going on in my homeland. They even sent me pictures by post. Let me show you.” He opened a drawer and took out an envelope. He opened it and took out photos, postcards, letters etc. I saw the stamp and it was very pretty. Luxenesia was very beautiful. And I even saw the pictures of those huge fields of potatoes. I had never seen anything like it. He even showed me his passport. I had seen my dad’s passport. Mr. Harris’ passport was different from his. He told me that every country has their own passport. “The republic of Luxenesia” was printed in golden letters on the cover.
There were only 3 days of summer break left. That night, as we were having dinner, my dad said, “Hey, what did you say the name of Mr. Harris’ country was?” “Luxenesia.” I said with a mouth full of spaghetti. “Yeah, that. I asked around at work and no one really knew of such a place. We have an atlas at the office, and I didn’t see it anywhere on the map.” “That’s because it is a very small country, and the map makers don't care to put it on the map.” I said nonchalantly. “That’s rubbish!” he said irritably. A bit surprised, I looked up at him. “Do you know about Vatican City? That’s the smallest country in the world and it’s on the map.” This time, my mom, who was disengaged from our conversation up until that point, looked up at my dad, almost as surprised as I was. I said, “I guess they just forgot to put in Mr. Harris’ country.” My mom chimed in, “No, dear. These maps are very accurate. Maybe it is not recognized as a country anymore. You know, maybe it became a part of some other nation. Mr. Harris has been here for many years. Maybe he just doesn’t know.” We all agreed that that may be it.
The next day, I was busy completing my homework, which I should have started a week ago. So, I couldn’t visit Mr. Harris. The following evening at dinner, I was surprised when my dad came home accompanied by Mr. Jones. My mom was too, apparently. Before we could ask anything, my dad said, “OK. So, here’s the deal. There is no country called Luxenesia.” I opened my mouth to protest but my dad continued, “Mr. Harris is delusional. He may be suffering from some sort of dementia and needs medical care. Mr. Jones, here, is going to ensure that he gets it.” I blurted out, “What? No, you are wrong! Luxenesia is a real place! Mr. Harris is not a liar!” That evening is such a blur in my memory. I remember screaming and shouting at my dad. And my mom taking me up to my room. One thing I remember vividly was me seething with anger and outrage. And feeling utter disbelief at what my dad said. Mr. Harris told me elaborate stories, showed me pictures. I saw his passport. All he had to do was show all of this to Mr. Jones and my dad and they would let go of this silly notion of theirs - I remember thinking. Sometime later, I heard police sirens and I remember being filled with fear. I didn't know what to think. What if they refused to believe Mr. Harris and put him in an institution against his will?
An hour later, the sirens had subsided and me and my mom were sitting in the living room. My dad arrived with Mr. Jones and a bunch of other police officers. My dad said, “He escaped. Vanished!” My mom asked, “What do you mean ‘Vanished’?” My dad, looking bewildered and frustrated, said, “There is no trace of him. His house is EMPTY inside. No furniture, no photos. Even the damn carpet is gone. I waved at him this evening when I came home with Mr. Jones here. He just vanished in thin air!” My mom looked perplexed. She said, “I was here all day. I didn’t see any movers.” Mr. Jones interjected, “This man could be very sick. He might be a danger to himself or to others, so I have issued a warrant for him. He will be found.”
He never was. No trace of him. Like a dream, he just went out of existence. My friends made up all sorts of stories about him, like how he was a time traveler or he came from an alternate reality or something, you know, all the science fiction mumbo jumbo. I even heard one version where he had superpowers. But I knew him. I knew who he was. I don’t really care about why no one knows about Luxenesia. But it was Mr. Harris’ home. He missed his home. Maybe he found a way to go there. After all these years, I didn’t blame him for not even saying goodbye. It was probably for the best as the police looked for him for quite a while. I never bothered telling my friends about that wonderful country of his. They would have just made fun of me. But I know that this place exists, and those huge fields of potatoes are basking in the sun as I write this memoir.
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2021.10.21 23:45 Howl2 Bought this from someone else and is it normal to be uneven like this?

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2021.10.21 23:45 1000000students Cheney catches fellow GOP Rep. Jim Banks in deceptive Jan.6 plot

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2021.10.21 23:45 BKF0308 So I just beat the pyro cube and...

Pyro Beidou when?
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2021.10.21 23:45 tspofcharity How do you take your coffee/tea in the mornings?

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2021.10.21 23:45 Xuenti Best starter L/D nat5?

Hello, the other posts are a couple of years old so I just want to ask again. What do you think is the best ld nat5 to get you through the early-middle stages of the game but also could transition to the late game?
Thank you!
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2021.10.21 23:45 gloomiezuko By Bert Stern, 1962

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2021.10.21 23:45 MasterCJM2 Why has the escalator out of the Oculus - Fulton street station connector smelled so strongly of shit for the past week?

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AMERICAN SHIBA🐕 | $USHIBA | Best Dog Coin Community🦊 | 8400 HOLDERS STRONG 💪| NFT Market Place🎨 + Swap + Farm Staking + Charity Funds 😇| 2% Redistribution on all Transactions 💥 submitted by Ok_Board9424 to ShitcoinStreet [link] [comments]