Gruumsh did nothing wrong: Rethinking the sins of the Orcish races

2021.10.22 00:24 TKHC Gruumsh did nothing wrong: Rethinking the sins of the Orcish races

Gruumsh did nothing wrong: Rethinking the sins of the Orcish races
by Tyson Kane, Apprentice Sage of Candlekeep, Essay for Origin Mythologies of the Material Plane subject
Put yourself in the shoes of a father of a family of newborns. You are the sole provider and protector of your children and they are wholly reliant on you to feed, clothe, house and otherwise care for them. You also from time to time need to put yourself in harms way to protect them from predators, the wayward elements and forces well beyond your control. The job is exhausting but you know that there are plenty of other families out there doing their best to make it to the next day too, yet you know you have the strength and resolve to be the father they need.
Then imagine you save all your gold, curry all your favour and spend your spare time searching for the perfect home for your children. You happen upon the perfect neighbourhood. It is safe, boundless, and there are plenty of other children and families in the neighbourhood. Your children can make friends, you can find support in this community and maybe even lend a hand to them. You have a set of skills, but you aren’t perfect and you know that in the end you will need others to help raise your children. It takes a community to raise a child after all.
The Head of the Neighbourhood and you don’t seem to get off on the right foot and from the outset you don’t see eye to eye. You aren’t sure what started it but he looked down his nose at you with disdain, despite never getting to know you. He seems snobbish, but he is the leader around here afterall. Yet it looks like your house purchase is going to go through and your family will be safe after all. You don’t really look like the rest of the families in the neighbourhood, but when did that really matter in the grand scheme of things? You arrive at the front gate of the house, waiting to receive the keys. Down the street you see the whole neighbourhood has come out to welcome you. Acceptance and happiness swells in your heart. All you ever wanted was to be a good father for your children, and everything you worked for is coming to pass.
As you close the full distance the Head of the Neighbourhood is wearing a wide grin. Yet everyone else behind him wears a stern look. Something isn’t right yet you press on. You go to speak and the Head cuts you off. “We decided you won’t be moving in today. Well that isn’t exactly true, you won’t be moving in ever.”
Before you can speak, argue or resist the Head burns your house to the ground. Looking on in horror he holds the keys in his palm before you and then throws them into the flames. Your savings, your planning, your home and your families futures rise up in flames.
So how would you react? Would you fall to the floor sobbing uncontrollably? Would you politely nod, I understand and respect your decision as Head of the Neighbourhood? Would you try and appeal to the onlookers behind, pleading for a chance to prove yourself. Well the Father of the Orcs, Gruumsh, did none of those things. He did arguably the most human thing imaginable. He lashed out at Correlleon and fought him where he stood. His disappointment, dejection, and depression were expressed through his rage in that moment. For that Correlleon blinded him in one eye and banished him from ever owning a home in the city. Would you readily accept such a destitute fate? You and your family are fated to be outcasts, homeless, and hated. Will that truly be your destiny or would you seek vengeance and a new and better life?
From the perspective of the Orcs their distrust and distaste for the Elves is entirely understandable. When you consider their violence and carnage wrought across centuries, you would be right in questioning their methods. The Orcish people have waged war against almost every race, society, and land they have come across and as a collective they have a body count nigh uncountable. As a result of these actions Orcish culture in of itself has changed and developed without a doubt, eons of warfare and struggle will change even the most pure and divine of souls. They have made untold enemies, and brewed their own hatred within others. Few humanoids are more acceptable to kill than Orcs based on this history and dynamic. Yet the Orcs persist in their warfare, seeking to pull down the walls of their enemies, eat the food in their larders, and kill their women and children. Some say it is in their nature to be bloodthirsty, cruel and spiteful. I would posit a different theory.
The Orcs have no reason to stop their ancestral conflict. They have no true home, and no elven god, current, past or upcoming has ever sought to reconcile their own sins against the Orcs. Not an apology, not a remedy, not even a discussion. Again I ask, if you were so badly mistreated and no justice was ever delivered, would you give up on your family and future or would you fight for eons, seeking your fair plot in life?
Some Orcs have found more peaceable lives in permanent settlements, or even travelling caravans. Isolationist by nature and suspicious of other peoples, the Orcs rightly defend their new homes with their lives. Yet the Dwarves flush them from caves, Elves usher them from forests, Goliaths push them off mountains and Humans sweep them off the plains and lowlands. The only places they haven’t tried to claim and settle are the deep oceans, likely only so because of their lacking biological water breathing.
If the Orcs were given homes, real homes, that they could find, hold and settle it would go a long way to resolve the eons of conflict wrought across their populace and the rest of the world. As much might be controversial in an every shrinking world, yet the boldest is still to come. In finding a home, it should be the charge of all elven societies still aligned to their original gods to bring about such an outcome. It was their benefactors original sin in casting the Orcs out into the chaos, it is only fitting that they then find them some land to stand on. The last suggestion, and certainly most controversial, is an apology. What happened to Gruumsh and the Orcs was wrong and genocidal. Any resistance after the fact before a remedy has been achieved can be seen as a direct consequence of Correllon’s injustice. It is a bitter pill to swallow, that the carnage wrought across eons could have been easily and peaceably avoided. It is important to remember though that the best time to sue for peace is yesterday, and the second best is today.
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Hey Y'all, (cross post from weddingplanning
So I got my dress last year during COVID, under the pretence that my husband would make it within 3 months. He was locked out of Australia because he is not in Australia. So I haven't seen him in almost 2 years. I have the dress I got last year, it's okay, it's pretty enough. I got it because it was physically there, and it fit me perfectly, and I do really like it, it had sleaves.
But it wasn't the style I wanted, (I love off the shoulder) I then found this other dress a few weeks ago after I realised how much I don't like the other dress for not being that dream puffy, sparkly princess dress I have always wanted. (the one you dream of when your a child) I talked to the supplier and they can make it in my size (because I'm plus size) and have it out to me in 3 months, but I don't know if it will look good on me, I hope it will, it's a classic design that should work, but. . . .
So with all the bits and bobs I want with it, it's gonna cost the same amount as my other dress.
The second Snag is that because my husband is overseas, I might be going to him, and thus our plans changed and money has become really tight. I have given up all the other wedding trappings, and I just want the dress, but can I justify another $1500 for a new dress with everything and HOPE it fits and looks good when I already have a dress? I know secondhand dresses don't sell for much (even if never warn) Because not international flights are gonna be money, and fertility issues because of the length we had to wait, etc. It looks like I am gonna be doing two weddings, one overseas and one at home.
Do I suck it up, and do what I can to the other dress, or do I get the new one?
edit - Added the photo comparison because I am still learning Reddit and photos)
the one I want vs the one I have.
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Please, people, just play it!
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Hello, I live in Port orchard Washington and recently 19 year old Tyrone sero was abducted at am pm off lund and need someone or a group of information gathering people to help me or at least point me in the right direction of who to talk to. The person I need phone messages or texts or GPS location is tanner Stephen's. Is he the supposed abducter and goes by the name of medical. Please if you can help do so and contact me.
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I had three sessions so far and my facial hair looks crazy afterwards. But so far it doesn’t grow or come out as fast as it used to. But I’ve heard that it’s not affective for Women with Pcos and it’ll grow back and never go away. Is this true ? + if u had laser hair removal did it work ?
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You have the following information:
. zero-coupon bond with 6 months to maturity, stands at 99
. 2% coupon bond with 1 year to maturity, stands at 101.5
. zero-coupon bond with 1.5 years to maturity, stands at 97
Compute the 6 months forward rate from 1 year (ie 0.5f1)

I do it by interpolation but I didnt get the answer.
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I have a challenge from a past season (season of the chosen) and I need to collect cabal gold. Is it still possible to collect them?
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