Want to evolve Haunter in Sword

2021.10.22 00:27 Andrewski18 Want to evolve Haunter in Sword

[tb] lmk if you can help me out
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2021.10.22 00:27 Mazaratee 😍😍😍😍

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2021.10.22 00:27 Diamonddcraft1 So I've been working on the new season, and I can't figure out how to get the two Tetra trucks, I've found them, but there's no missions for them. Any advice to get them?

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2021.10.22 00:27 EmperorOfFlorida Has anyones automatic transfers been all fucked up lately?

I have a bunch of transfers that happen every Friday on pay day. I add them all up in advance and compare them to my paycheck to make sure I wont come up short on Friday. Ive been getting double transfers going off, transfers to my loan that I didn’t make and all kinda of madness. Ive been doing this for years with no problems but the last three weeks it has been all fucked up. Ive been talking to NF through their messaging system but they haven’t been much help. Has anyone else’s transfers been all screwy for the last few weeks?
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2021.10.22 00:27 Mysterioussealstlr *p a I n a v e r t e d”

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2021.10.22 00:27 Sensory_Eris_ Gyaru Sei

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2021.10.22 00:27 Densta192 hello reddit

This is the part of the post where I let you all know of my invisible development of ingrown developmental disablities in which case I will decide when and where I am to fly over the city with.
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2021.10.22 00:27 NecessaryKangarooo ECSE 362

Did anyone take ECSE 362 online during the pandemic? What are your thoughts on this course?
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2021.10.22 00:27 No_Slide3429 Misdirected transfers.

I work for a bank, in the fraud department. More specifically, debit card fraud. Lately I have been getting a lot of account holders transferred to me for things that have nothing to do with fraud, or debit cards in general. I was reading the post about pissed off customers due to hold times. I get that and it's even worse when they've been on hold, only to be told they had to be transferred. Then sit on hold again, are transferred to me and all I can do is transfer them again. Then they are really mad. Not only that, transfers go against our metric, if you do so many, it looks like you are just shoving people off to someone else.
As I said, I am in fraud. I get transfers wanting me to deal with their online app, their credit card bill, the interest rate on their credit cards, an account they closed years ago and want to reactivate... You get the picture, it goes on and on. What is worse is when I get a warm transfer from another department, or a branch manager that should know better but figures fraud can fix everything, so lets call them. I had a personal banker call me last week that accidentally closed and deleted a savings account and wanted me to reopen it.
I don't know how we are staffed because we are now all WFH. I know on my team, in April, there were 24 of us. We are now down to 9. Of those 9, I know 3 that are looking for other jobs and want to leave because it's gotten so bad. The call volume has doubled in that time as well. I'm sure hold times have gotten a lot longer. I get the double whammy of a pissed caller due to hold times that has been misdirected once, twice even three times, now I have to compound that anger and transfer yet again. Unfortunately, not all departments are open 24 hours like fraud and standard CS. If someone called in at 4, was on hold on 30, then on hold for me for another 30 and the department they really need closes at 4:30. Guess who gets the ass chewing. Not the first person they talked to.
Anyone else in a large, mult-department company notice this trend lately?
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2021.10.22 00:27 baby_yoda_foster_dad How should I dress today?

Please tell me how I should dress today
View Poll
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2021.10.22 00:27 lyubova Why did my heartrate on the pulse oximeter read 0?

28F, 5’6, 130lbs, Caucasian, a few brief seconds, UK and chest/heart related, not on any medication.
Today I was having some palpitations and dizziness so an ambulance came to check me over.
Everything looked fine and dandy including ECG, but when I was talking to the paramedic I noticed my heartrate on the pulse oximeter read 0, very briefly for about 2 seconds, after being at around 100bpm prior to that.
I have no idea if it was me and if I briefly went into asystole (kinda unlikely since I was conscious the whole time and I am kind of sure I was still hooked up to the ECG at that point which would have shown up), mechanical (oximeter slipped off finger, it was doing that quite a lot) or a simple machine error, but it freaked me out. I was so stressed I forgot to mention it to the paramedic as he kept talking to me.
I have one of these pulse oximeters and I have never ever seen it read 0. It usually says error or two dashes like β€” as it tries to find a reading.
I was also having a lot of PVCs and pauses so I dont know if the pulse oximeter maybe picked this pause up as zero.
No machine beeps went off, nothing else showed anything concerning. The doctor at the hospital said my ecg was normal however no bloods were taken which I was disappointed about.
Just wondering if you’ve ever seen these kind stuff of readings before on patients who are otherwise healthy and uh, alive?
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2021.10.22 00:27 wandriing Should I upgrade my puppy's crate size?

So I got this one crate from Chewy and it's supposed to be for 41-70 lbs. My pup is 7 months old and about 37lbs but I feel like he is getting a bit tight in there. He sleeps in there at night but doesn't like to go in there by himself so I wonder if a bigger crate would be more appealing for him? He can walk in there and turn around easily but he couldn't stretch as comfortably as outside and if he sleeps to the side, his legs would reach the whole crate. He hasn't had any accident in a long time.
Pic for reference: https://imgur.com/a/F6B7uu7
Thank you!!
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2021.10.22 00:27 TriStateGirl Big Y- Experiences as a worker

Has anyone here ever worked at Big Y? My experience is below.
I worked at a Big Y from 2016 to 2017. I didn't enjoy my time there. I should have quit sooner and I wish I never applied. One of my bosses would check out women in a very perverted way. I told him he can't do that and he laughed it off. I forgot a small task and he screamed at me nonstop. I was actually begging him to stop and he wouldn't. A boss above him finally saw what the task was and laughed about how small it was and wanted me to move on. I shouldn't have been yelled at like that. It made me remember my abusive Dad. I know guys. I'm a snowflake. Later I confronted my boss about it, and he tried to make jokes about it. He told a coworker to teach me how to get a man. The same coworker told me the worst stories. Mostly about how she used to beat her daughter. A customer would complain every week. If it was about a manager they let it go, but if it was a low level employee they went after you. If you ever made a mistake they reminded you of it every week. My boss actually said that's how it would be. He said all the bad stuff would mudslide to me because I was a part time employee. My boss made fun of me to other employees. One boss said they all appreciated me, but that was clearly a lie. I had to do a lot on my shift, because the employee before me couldn't do a lot of things right. There were some nice people there, but overall it was a bad experience.
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2021.10.22 00:27 Danish_Asyraf Hmm that is right

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2021.10.22 00:27 AssumptionLarge7128 My neck lines are very noticeable and getting worse, any tips for lessening then appearance of them? And what causes this?

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2021.10.22 00:27 weaponizer- The Lazy Song - BEN SIMMONS VERSION

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2021.10.22 00:27 loose_dirt SciFi stories always have incredible flying machines but they never show the genius engineers that designed them.

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2021.10.22 00:27 WillTheThingIThink mmm italian

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2021.10.22 00:27 UniversalCookies Meme?

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2021.10.22 00:27 djdaanoliver Daan Oliver - Mainstage 269 (Future House, Progressive House,Mix)

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2021.10.22 00:27 WhataNap Indigo Says Hello

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2021.10.22 00:27 Glittering-Arm-3440 hi reddit, im 13 and i havent been able to sign in to my account

I turned 13 a few weeks ago and i decided to make a twitch account. I put in all of the right information and it said i need to be 13. i tried lying about my age and that didn't work. Someone please tell me what i should do.
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2021.10.22 00:27 petra613 No Names in confessionals

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2021.10.22 00:27 meeseekstodie137 how exactly does half-breeding work?

it's one thing I've never been exactly clear on, after more than one generation, like if say a half elf has a child with a human, will their children also be half-elves? or are some going to be full humans and others full elves? or are they going to be half elves with a little less elven blood and a little more human?
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2021.10.22 00:27 Serienett Basal vintermytologi

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